We've been talking quite a lot here about the things our corgis do to make us upset or angry, but what does he/she do that just melts your heart or makes you crack up?

I love how Bruce, my corgi/elkhound mix, sometimes sleeps, right on his back with all four paws up in the air. I love how he "talks" in these soft little grunts. I laugh whenever he does what I call "carpet shark", where he pulls himself forward with his front paws while flat on his belly, like he's in stealth mode.

I love how Sidney, the Pembroke puppy, sings in his little wookie voice when we come home. I love it when he fraps. It makes me laugh when he steals something...I have to go retrieve it from him but Is still laugh at his thieving ways.

I think it's so cute how both of them sometimes lay down with their back paws out behind them like a lizard sunning on a rock.

So, what about you guys?

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Ah! Carmen replied before I had a chance ;). But it's a rather common corgi activity. There's a whole discussion on this forum.
Charlie is such a wonderful companion that the list of things he does to make me laugh and smile every single day would fill up 5 forum pages. I can't imagine loving a little dog more! : - )
I trianed my dog to where you say JACK JACK KISSES!!! he comes up and starts licking your face<3
My pups do so much to make me smile, but I have my favorite things. Trunks will try to catch his tail and he usually succeeds. He will then hold on to it still running in a tight circle until he falls over. It is very funny. Pan will stalk Trunks and attack when he isn't looking. I love it when they run all over the house chasing each other.

I am trying to get my video camera footage to transfer to my computer, so I can put up video of Trunks chasing his tail.
I love when Kirby sleeps on his back with his paws in the air, its almost like their back is designed flat to sleep like that..LOL I love when he gets his toys and throws them up in the air and catches them. I also love when he has to sit on my lap and just look up at me with love. Aww their is just so much I love about him..I could never fit everything in one post!
I've always said that living with a Corgi is like living with a cartoon charactor. They make you smile just by looking at you. Ears down and butt wiggling they are so good at letting us know just how happy they are to see us. I love when I come home and I pull into our lane and I see Corgi faces pressed in the window. They hear my vehicle from about 1/4 mile away and race to the trunk under the window. The trunk is all scratched from Corgi toenails and the window is a smear of Corgi nose prints, but it still makes me smile!
Roxy's latest few funnies...

carrying around my "take the dogs out" croc on her snoot, not clamped in her teeth.

sitting her little rump down on my dad's shoe every time he stopped moving when he visited this weekend.

bringing guests at our bbq this weekend "gifts" from the yard.

cleaning up after said bbq by collecting all plastic cups and investigating the trashcan from the inside (we still don't know how she got in there....)

Mostly she keeps us totally protected from our cats and all wayward ice cubes.
Roxy sounds like quite a character!
She's the biggest goober ever. She's still small enough to trip over her own feet while running and face plant into the yard. She is SUCH a bossy girl, too. We are all kept totally in line.

She is uncharacteristically cuddly, too.... at night, she loves to sleep (snoring) in my arms like a baby.
That's so funny!
Emmy has a sneeze obsession. If you sneeze in my house, you better be ready for a dive bombing corgi! If you are seated she will launch herself onto your lap from across the room and lick your face as if you almost just died and she is SO happy you survived. If I am standing, she has a fit because she can't get to my face. She jumps up and barks until I tell her "Thank you, I'm OK" and then she is relieved. The funniest time was when I once sneezed in the shower... suddenly I had a corgi face pushing the shower curtain out of the way with these huge brown eyes making sure the dreaded scarry sneeze had not harmed her mom. It cracks me up every time, but my unsuspecting guests are not always quite as amused as I am. (Some have reported bruises on their legs from the dive bomb... wimps!) LOL
I laughed so hard when I read this about your Emmy! Sounds adorable.

By the way, we finally decided to call our little girl Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! That way our boys get Diamond (which the breeder called her for her black spot on her forehead) and we get a girly name that we want! Happy everyone! Maybe I will break down and get her a collar with fake diamonds!


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