Just wondering what others think of Ellen Degeneres issue with the rescue organization? When we adopted Toby and Lola it is in our contract that we must return the dogs to the rescue organization if there is a problem.

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thanks for sharing the video................ what a mess, i hope this doesnt give rescue groups a black eye, bad situation handled poorly all around
I agree! Everyone who was involved is at fault...and shame on of them for exploiting it the way they have.
Certainly when a celebrity is involved things go over the top. Ellen did not live up to her contract but evidently seemed willing and able to provide the name of the home where the dog went. If the home were a good one and approved by the rescue group under normal circumstances I think letting it go would have been my choice. I suspect Ellen may have made a nice donation to rescue for her mistake and that would be a much bigger help to the organization then all of the media hype. In the end it should be all about the dogs and their future.
I agree that the entire situation was handled wrong by all parties. However, the Moms & Mutts rescue group's reaction was very excessive and uncalled for. It's a shame for everyone involved.
The entire situation is out of hand. However I think that Ellen should have thought about it before handing the dog over to the family. She should have read her contract fully and understood what she was getting into when buying a dog. Many people don't understand the responsibilty of a dog and what it entails. When we bought Mac from the breeder, she told us that if it was ever not working out that we would need to return Mac back to her. She wanted to make sure that her babies went to the right homes. WHen we first were looking at getting her, we were quizzed. Had we had dogs, what our house and yard situation was like, other animals, children etc. So she was fully aware of where her dog was going.

I don't think that the rescue organization handled it well at all either. They instead should have checked the family that she gave the dog to and make sure they were a good home. If they were, they should have been allowed to keep the dog, if not, the dog should have been returned to the organization.
I do agree that everything was taken out of hand.
The breeder we got Roxi from also had us sign a contract to have her returned if we couldn't keep her.

I do personally have bad issues with the humane society but from personal encounters.

I agree with what they try to do and what they strive for in this world. I think I just encountered some bad apples in a good organization.


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