I just thought i would post a list of all toxic human foods that i have found, especially because some of them were surprising. If you have more, please add!

Chocolate, xylitol, plum pits, apricot pits, pits, alcohol, yeast dough, raisins and grapes, tomato leaves and stems, onion, coffee, anythign with caffeine, cooked bones, large amounts of liver, macademia nuts, most mushrooms, garlic, persimmons, too much salt, sugary foods, cat food, tea, avocado, and nutmeg.

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There are palm trees that bear fruit in our neighborhood and Dexter is always finding one to munch on. Sometimes I find the pits laying around... but sometimes I fear he has swallowed them because he just stops chomping. These trees and their fruit are everywhere in my neighborhood it is almost impossible to avoid them. I'll have to work harder on the "Leave It" command.
I've fed Theo regular grilled pork loin before and he loved it. No problems. I don't think you could say that pork, fatty foods, and raw meat are "toxic". It gives people the wrong idea. Raw food is controversial, for sure, but some don't think it's toxic to dogs because their digestive systems are different than ours. I don't feed Theo raw meat, I just think it shouldn't go on the same list as chocolate and antifreeze. lol.

So what's up with some of these? I don't like to take these lists at face value. Why are they toxic? Chocolate and onions and those basics I know. But why avocado? I thought it was just the pits. And why cat food? Isn't it just protein? I heard that you shouldn't feed a dog only cat food because it's too protein concentrated for dogs, but I never heard it was toxic. Why are mushrooms toxic (the ones that are safe for human consumption obviously)? Is alcohol actually toxic? Or is it just in the same vein as giving alcohol to children? I wouldn't give my dog alcohol, I just want to know.

Some of these things are worth taking your dog to the vet for, and some are just unhealthy in a regular diet. If you're going to make a comprehensive list, I think it's worth specifying which is which.
I agree that the list should be separated between toxic and unhealthy as I had similar questions/concerns...

With regard to alcoholic beverages, what I've heard is that the ingredients fermented/distilled are those that dogs should not be eating or may have allergies to in the first place. For example, wine & brandy = grapes; beer = hops, barley, wheat & corn. This makes enough sense to me.

Not sure on the toxicity of alcohol (minus grapes)... but I guess we can consider this - a person who is 120 lbs may possibly get a little tipsy off a glass of beer or wine or even a shot of hard alcohol depending on the way he/she metabolizes the alcohol and the relative frequency with which he/she drinks alcohol... our doggies are a fourth of that (some aren't even that!), so ratio wise... a glass of beer for a 30 lb dog has a quadrupled effect in comparison to my hypothetical person!
totally agree. Also humans are able to break down alcohol due to presense of a special enzyme called alcoholdehydrogenase. Some people have less of it than others, e.g native americans, asians, eskimo. They have adverse reactions to alcohol including severe hangover. Animals don't have that enzyme at all because they don't consume it like we humans do
Urban legend that one of Queen Elizabeth's footmen got in the doghouse for getting the corgies drunk on gin...
Gwynnie *claims* to be one of the queen's corgis, dognapped from Buckingham Palace as a puppy, but she can only hope for such luck...
I think the pork is on there because of the fat content. A friend of mine's little dog was given a lot of ham at Easter, and ended up with pancreatis. It wasn't the salt it was the fat.

Now answer on the cat food? Does anyone know???
I agree that there is a difference between toxic and not healthy for your dog. I was always told a dog could live on cat food, but a cat cannot live on dog food. The protein and fat content in cat food will cause a dog to become fat and may cause digestive difficulties (read as diarrhea and gas). If I have been misinformed please let me know.
here's a complete list with organs and systems affected
I am surprised to see avocado on the list. Where I live there is a new dog food called Avoderm which has avocado in it. I have never given it to my fur kids.
I've given Avoderm to Eddy. He loved it, didn't puke it up, his fur was super rich and shiny. We quit it because it's expensive and, eh, y'know, whatever, not that great.
I believe tea is on the list because of caffeine
On the antifreeze, does anyone else live in an area where they require (by law) that if sold there it must have a bittering agent in it. Here in New Mexico, or at least Albuquerque, all antifreeze has to have that in it. It is suppose to be the sweet smell that attracts animals to it. Just curious. Hey thanks for the list will check some of it out, but really gets one to thinking. I had also heard years ago that the plant called Elephant Ears is very toxic to small childern and pets if eaten.


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