I just thought i would post a list of all toxic human foods that i have found, especially because some of them were surprising. If you have more, please add!

Chocolate, xylitol, plum pits, apricot pits, pits, alcohol, yeast dough, raisins and grapes, tomato leaves and stems, onion, coffee, anythign with caffeine, cooked bones, large amounts of liver, macademia nuts, most mushrooms, garlic, persimmons, too much salt, sugary foods, cat food, tea, avocado, and nutmeg.

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Yes we had a visit to the vet with Lance because he got ahold of my daughters sugarless gum that had xylitol in it! $400.00 later. The vet needed to induce vomiting because the hydrogen peroxide didnt work at home. Xylitol can affect their liver and blood sugar. Lance had to stay overnight at the vets hooked up to an IV to keep his blood sugars normal. Then a week later we had to have his liver rechecked to make sure it was ok. Everything came out ok, but that wasnt any fun. Yeah and to top it off it was the day after Christmas 2007!! My vet also said that not all vets are aware of Xylitol as being toxic, luckily he did.
Chloe got ahold of gum a few weeks ago but she had only 1 piece and i got her before she ate much. When I found her with it, the end was all chewed into mushy stuff, but I dont think she ripped much off and ate it. Is that okay that a little or nothing got into her belly?
Sounds like you don't have anything to worry about.
Wow, that's a lot just because of some gum!

Anyway, this is random, but the day after Christmas 2007 was our wedding day! :D
No wonder Mei always has a bad reaction when she gets to the cat food! I just thought my roommate's cat was really dirty and had germs in her food. ><;;;
the cat food... its the one thing he knows thats there when he goes visits his dad ... and thats the first thing he runs for! >_/body>
A note about chocolate: the "poison" aspect of it increases with the percent cocoa, the more your dog eats, and the smaller your dog is.

My parents' 35-lb dog Napoleon got into a bag of Hershey's kisses a few years ago, and I started FREAKING OUT that the dog was going to die! I did a quick google and found out that Nappy would have to eat a helluva lot of kisses just to get sick, much less die. The little scamp was totally fine.

So don't immediately panic if your dog gets into the Dove, but to be on the safe side, take her/him to the vet. I should've done that with Nappy; I watched him like a hawk the rest of the day.
thats true about the cocoa. its mainly things like baker's chocolate and dark chocolate because it has so much cocoa in it. white chocolate..i would think is ok because its not even really chocolate. just milk, sugar, and cocoa fat....but i dont think i will test it.
have any of you guys heard guava being bad for dogs? there's a huge guava tree in my backyard and spartacus is always rummaging the grounds for guava and starts chomping away once he finds some!
It has seeds in it so I would try and keep Spartacus away.
yeah i dont know about guava..i know understand the plum pits and apricot pits because they contain, i think the article said some form of cyanide? i think it would depend on the composition of the guava seeds...i feel like the fruit itself is ok.
Rosie, whenever she can get to it eats the cat's food, both dry and canned. Can you tell me what can happen to her if she eats cat food? How toxic is it? When she can get to it she will gobble big mouthfuls of cat food. So she is getting a large amount at one time. We feed the cat out of her reach, but Rosie can be pretty resourceful when it comes to ways to get at the cat food.


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