I just thought i would post a list of all toxic human foods that i have found, especially because some of them were surprising. If you have more, please add!

Chocolate, xylitol, plum pits, apricot pits, pits, alcohol, yeast dough, raisins and grapes, tomato leaves and stems, onion, coffee, anythign with caffeine, cooked bones, large amounts of liver, macademia nuts, most mushrooms, garlic, persimmons, too much salt, sugary foods, cat food, tea, avocado, and nutmeg.

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Henry had a seizure after a 5 mile hike a few years ago, and the closest vet was sure he had low blood sugar. His suggest? Carry a chocolate bar, and give it to him at the first sign of the shakes...

So, what's the issue with cat food?
Chocolate bars??! Chocolate is the most toxic dog food!
Cooked Bones?!?! My dogs have always had so many cooked bones that the house looks like an archaeological dig. CSI is going to come in and find out that we eat a lot of beef ribs. I wonder why cooked bones made the list.
Cooked bones can splinter and perforate their digestive system, which can cause infection and death.
Here's the list that I posted on an earlier thread:

Off the top of my head (and a quick search), I know that:

- grapes (including raisins);
- rhubarb (which is outright poisonous to all animals not just dogs);
- onions (including dried and powered);
- chicken bones;
- any bones that have been cooked;
- poinsettias;
- tomatoes;
- chocolate;
- caffeine (and anything that contains it);
- alcohol (goes without saying);
- hops (this makes beer--which they LOVE the taste of--a double whammy)
- acetaminophen (outside the US: paracetamol. Brand: Tylenol);
- cat food;
- pork (Molly will scarf it down, and puke it right back up almost immediately);
- avocado;
- most prescription medications;
- most over the counter medications;
- most vitamin supplements;
- antifreeze (or any other automotive fluid for that matter);
- yeast (and high yeast breads);
- garlic (includes powered);
- shallot;
- Macadamia nuts;
- walnuts (I would go as far to say almost all nuts, but large quantities of cooked chestnuts didn't do anything but please my grandparent's chihuahua which lived to be around 15);
- pits of fruits (same problem as nuts only worse: hydrogen cyanide);
- nutmeg;
- artificial sweeteners (particularly anything containing xylitol);
- sugar or corn syrup (in large quantity);
- fatty foods (and fat itself);
- most mushrooms (particularly wild ones);
- most plant leaves, stems, and bulbs;
- raw meat;
- raw eggs;
- any household chemicals and poisons;

range from moderately harmful to deadly poisonous, even in small quantity. Corgis are more susceptible to accidental poisoning due to their small size. Some of these things, if left out/spilled/in reach/etc--especially antifreeze and beer--will be sought out by your dog so take care to keep these things away from your Corgi!
Okay I am confused, I also thought I heard some where that pork is bad for dogs, but then how do people feed raw diets that include pork?
I think that nutritionally it's OK, but I'm specifically talking about the roast pork that we make on a regular basis. It's kind of greasy, and I think it's the grease that does it.

Literally: it comes back up immediately.
I meant to say I thought I heard it was dangerous for dogs to eat but then if people are feeding raw pork, how can it be dangerous for dogs to eat!
Why is raw meat on the list? third from the bottom? how can i change to a raw food diet without raw meat?
I put raw meat on the list because of the risk of foodborne illness. The meat that you are getting at the grocery store has typically been dead for several days, has been handled and transported about a dozen times, and therefore may be contaminated (salmonella, e. coli, etc). Cooking removes the risk of foodborne illness. Raw foodism, in my opinion, is a dangerous fad which poses unnecessary risks to your dog.
Our dogs have lived on raw meat all their lives. It is prepared professionally by a local dog food company Darwin's.
Presumably, raw pork is not a good idea because of trichinosis.
powered onions!
I know, I'm silly :)


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