I just thought i would post a list of all toxic human foods that i have found, especially because some of them were surprising. If you have more, please add!

Chocolate, xylitol, plum pits, apricot pits, pits, alcohol, yeast dough, raisins and grapes, tomato leaves and stems, onion, coffee, anythign with caffeine, cooked bones, large amounts of liver, macademia nuts, most mushrooms, garlic, persimmons, too much salt, sugary foods, cat food, tea, avocado, and nutmeg.

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Wow this is a year-old thread! Also potato skins are bad for 'em! They fall on the floor while we peel them! EEk
I know that coffee is toxic to dogs... however a month or so ago my 17lb. Autumin (pronounced ottoman...haha) drank an entire cup of coffee. I freaked out and called the vet convinced she was about to die... however my vet told me not to worry... that it is mainly coffee grounds that are toxic for dogs... I guess brewed coffee isn't good for them because of the caffeine and sugar involved... but not deadly... beware however of coffee grounds!
Now I'm getting scared about the plum trees and peach tree in my yard!
Here's the list of 25 human foods that are toxic to dogs. Every thing has an explanation on why it's toxic and in what quantities. I'm gonna print it out and put it on my fridge.
I just would like to remind you that even if you've been giving your dog some foods from the list and they seem to be OK does not mean that it is not harmful. My friend had to put her dog down a few weeks back because of liver failure. She now recalls that she gave her dog grapes frequently. Of course, it is not necessarily the grapes fault, but I'm sure it contributed.
the garlic and avocado are surprising for me. The garlic especially as we use it (not exclusively) as a cheap homeopathic preventative for ticks and it is backed by many vets and websites. I will find some if you like.

Avocados I have never heard of and my corgi loves them. I have a friend with an Australian Cattle Dog that will steal them off her trees and eat them minus the pit all summer.

I will say to watch your landscape as well as the human food...holly is particularly bad and used often because it does well in drought and has both flowers and colorful berries.
A-men to the garlic issue. I give my guys garlic too -- we are awash in ticks all summer long (and in the winter anytime it gets above freezing for a day or two), so I put this garlic powder stuff for dogs in their food (makes a nice smelling gravy) as an anti-tick measure (along with some Advantix on the skin, too). I HATE ticks. Bertie has been diagnosed with Lyme twice already. I think to be toxic, they'd have to eat rather large amounts. Onions are the bad guys here. Even with the garlic and the Advantix, I still check them all the time and find a couple of ticks/week. I REALLY HATE ticks. ;-)
What in catfood is toxic?
To answer myself,
"Cat Food

Cat food is very high in fats and protein and when ingested by a dog, particularly in large amounts or on a regular basis, the cat food can cause a bout of potentially deadly pancreatitis. It should be noted that all high-fat foods – particularly ham and bacon - have the ability to trigger pancreatitis, therefore pet owners should also use caution when offering table scraps that are high in fats.

http://petcare.suite101.com/article.cfm/toxic_foods_for_dogs#ixzz0H... "
So a little is probably alright. Pig ears and things can also cause pancreatitis. It's a good idea to put these things in perspective.
Does anyone know about apple pits? We have an apple tree in our backyard and sometimes she finds the little ones on the ground.
check out the link I just posted.
Plum pits? Ew. We have an Italian plum, there is fallen fruit on the ground, and Al has been going through those like bleep though a goose... or rather, they have been going through him.
No apparent ill effects so far. Does anybody have any hard data about plum pits?
Lots of urban legends on the net. Anybody got any facts?
plum peach mange and apricot pits have cyanide inside them. Apple seeds too. The poison is inside the soft bits inside that would be a plant one day. It is also present only in MINUSCULE amounts.
Maybe to a small dog it is poisonous if they eat a boat load. Also you must think, whats the likelihood of a dog getting at these inside parts first? The casing of these seeds are indigestible. Mango pits aside, plums, apricots and apple seeds are most likely to be swallowed whole, and peach pits are very spiny and not pleasant on the gums. If your dog gnawed open a peach seed and swallowed all those hard sharp indigestible bits, you'd have other problems.


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