I just thought i would post a list of all toxic human foods that i have found, especially because some of them were surprising. If you have more, please add!

Chocolate, xylitol, plum pits, apricot pits, pits, alcohol, yeast dough, raisins and grapes, tomato leaves and stems, onion, coffee, anythign with caffeine, cooked bones, large amounts of liver, macademia nuts, most mushrooms, garlic, persimmons, too much salt, sugary foods, cat food, tea, avocado, and nutmeg.

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Here is a website I found regarding toxic foods and pits:
It does say that plum pits are toxic.

see what confuses me is when some dog treats and expensive food have some of these ingredients in them. I'm guessing its huge amounts of some that are toxic.
Thanks for the reminder. We lost our cocker spaniel to liver failure after letting him snack on grapes most of his life. We felt so foolish but we just didn't know. We are much more careful now.
yea thats a good reminder that toxic things may not show symptoms instantly.


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