most commonly enjoyed kibble among Corgi owners.

Ok..I know this has been discussed before, but just want to get a sense of the most commonly enjoyed kibble among Corgi Owners..want to switch from Purina One puppy to something else, and would prefer it be one that is fairly easy to find either in the grocery or pet shop..IMS, Beneful? Science Diet? I would like to hear your thoughts...

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We use Eukenueba. Gus likes it, and it is one of the better foods out there. His coat is beautiful, too!
Thanks Wynne..thats what Chester started out on from the Breeder. Hes seems to be moving to eating less than 2 times a day..or he'll eat a bit in the morning and then eat a comparable amount for his dinner time feeding..wondering if this this common now? Hes going to be a year in June.
THanks for the info. What kind of kibble does your dog eat?
Although Daisy loved the Beneful, the vet said to stay away from it because it has dyes in it. I have since changed to Iams, and she seems to enjoy it just the same.
Other folks liking IAMs?
canidae all stages
THat seems to be a popular one..just trying to determine how available this product is..only one store carries it near by..
i think its a really good food for puppies that are in transistion from the breeder's food (which in most cases are packed with grain). my goal is to switch yogi to evo or use a combo of canidae/evo when hes older, but for now i need something that his young stomach can handle since evo is quite rich in protein.
ive had him on it since day one. i used around 80%canidae and 20% of breeders brand. by day 3 he was completely on canidae and eating all..and no runny poo.
also im not a fan of puppy food in particular,so the al stages canidae provided was a plus. in most cases puppy food is just the same food but packed with additional fats and other unnecessary supplements.
At what age then do you move from puppy food kibble to adult kibble?
with canidae its "all stages" so its the same food throughout the dog's life
So far so good. We started last nite. Its really not that much more expensive than the more common brands either, in NY that is..
Iams was part of the recalled food last year. Lance stopped eating and when I called the vet he said to switch to Natural Balance.


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