Well, as some of you know, we have been waiting for about 8 months dealing with our breeder. I sent her an email last month to see if we could come visit the soon to be mom. She then informed us that she had packed up and gone to VA for awhile, pups would be born there, that was about it. I've emailed her since the pups were born and asked for pics, etc... She wouldn't send any pics, said it would be months before she would be able to tell us if we were getting a boy or girl, wouldn't tell us which place we were on "the list" although that determined which pup we would get.... It was starting to feel like we were being toyed with. Soooo, last week we found a quality breeder about 3 hours north of us. We went to meet her, the parent dogs and the precious pups. We were chosen by little miss Kara Jayne who instantly fell asleep between my husbands feet. She is so sweet and cuddly, she slep all night beside our bed in her crate and loves to sleep with us inthe recliner. She is the perfect little addition to our family and we are so pleased to have found her. She's as wonderful as can be! I'm so happy to finally be a corgi mom!

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Congratulations! How cool that SHE chose you.
I love happy endings! I am happy everything worked out for you. Kara is precious... I love her ears. Congratulations.
Congratulations on the little one. Kara Jane is beautiful. You made a great decision.
I'm glad you got your Corgi!
Congratulations! I too am the mom of a new corgi puppy. It is just like having a human baby. My new baby puts everything in his mouth and he has started to hide under the couch whenever he gets ahold of something he isn't supposed to have like my husband's socks or his big sister Rosie's special toys ( she shares her toys well except for a few that she seems to be really attached to). The breeder that I got Rosie and George from really impressed me. He's not a backyard in for the money only breeder. When I first talked to him about getting Rosie, we must have talked on the phone for close to an hour. He wanted to know all about my husband and I and our family.
Congratulations! Kara is a beautiful girl. I'm sure she will bring your family more joy than you can even imagine! : - )
what a cutie!
Congrats! Beautiful Kara Jayne :)
Congratulations! Gorgeous puppy..


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