Does anyone know of any decent pet carriers for corgis? I bike around a lot to and from school and I would love to be able to take scout with me...or for times when i go to the farmer's market. some of these pet carriers just dont seem big enough. does anybody have one that they can comment on or found one that is big enough?

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Not quite sure how you would use a carrier on a bike. I do know they make trailer attachments for bikes that are closed in so a dog could not get out. Regarding the farmers market couldnt the dog just be on lead and not in a crate? Perhaps I dont really understand what you are looking for.
our farmer's market does not like dogs on leads because they are still shedding like crazy and i can understand that they dont want dog hair and food mixing together. This is mainly for when i go on a couple errands before i hit the dog park and i want like a messenger strap style bag that i can take with me.
I've see people who use the child carriers and put dogs in them in my neighborhood. You can get one from Walmart or Target under $150

There's also this company that makes one for dogs
yeah..thats a little weird to me. i dont really need an attachment to my bike. just an all purpose dog carrier.


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