Lola is a year & 3 months old, and over the past few weeks to a month, she seems to be going through a fearful stage again. She seems frightened if something gets dropped near her (I'll toss ice cubes to her & normally she's fine, but now she freaks out!) or if you make a kicking motion move your feet near her. Is this normal or could it be something else? She's had some issues w/other dogs lately as well (aggressive much?!?!). Any feedback would be great, thanks all!

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It sounds like something happened which changed her attitude. If it were me I'd try and address this issue sooner than later. A trainer or a doggie therapist who is on the spot is normally best but my kindof off the cuff solution would be to desensitize her to those things which are freaking her out. You need to stay calm and not make a big deal when she is making a big deal. The simple bribe tends to work better on younger pups.

She's a little too old to be going through a fear imprint stage, but every dog is different. I would guess it may be hormonal if she is not spayed, or has been spayed very recently. Avoid doing anything to force her to directly confront a fear. Just ignore the fearful behavior and try to redirect her attention to something fun.
She was spayed a while ago... we're going to start taking her back to the doggie park... I think she needs to get out & around her own kind more ;) Plus, I'm going to take her back to training at the end of July (when new classes start). I hope it helps!


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