How do you make a Corgi make sounds; I hear people saying that they "talk" to you

ours never made a sound until we had him about 3 weeks, then he barked for the 1st time. I have never heard him "talk" to me. Today I tried howling like a wolf and he made a very little howl and ran to the door to go out and to see the wolf. I would like to teach him to be more vocal but how do you do it?

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Seamus makes a harooooo howl whenever he gets really excited or wants something. It reminds me of Nixon so thats his new nickname. Nixon. :)
Seems like your getting some good advice. Most all of my animals have been "talkers" mainly because I talk to them just as I would a person and I do it a lot. Our Tedi wasn't a barker and that was good and go out to do his business you were suppose to have ESP I guess because all he would do was look at you. But lord could he talk. Praise them when they make the sounds and I guess talk to them see if it works. Good luck
Don't know how to teach them to make funny sounds. Daisy gets so excited when it's feeding time she runs in circles and tries get to as close to me as possible so I hear her and says rrroooooooo-rroooooooo with her mouth in a circle shape. It's so funny! Einstein doesn't go nuts over food like she does but he does whine like a little girl when my husband gets home from work. It's so pathetic. He only arroooos when he's chasing (or herding) us in the back yard and gets real excited. You can teach your dog to speak by giving him a treat when he barks and saying "speak". That's what we did with Daisy and now she won't shut up. Ein has no interest in the "speak" command. He thinks it's beneath his dignity or something. :0
ein didn't start "talking" until he had been here for about a week or so. every morning we makes his wookie noise while stretching. then he howls at my daughter when i'm waking her up. he likes to try and jump in the crib with her :) when i play with him i'll let him nibble me and say his japanese name "inu" and he goes "hooowwwllll!!!!!" it's awesome!!!


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