How do you make a Corgi make sounds; I hear people saying that they "talk" to you

ours never made a sound until we had him about 3 weeks, then he barked for the 1st time. I have never heard him "talk" to me. Today I tried howling like a wolf and he made a very little howl and ran to the door to go out and to see the wolf. I would like to teach him to be more vocal but how do you do it?

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Love the story about the tattling! Too cute.
hahaa and im sure she snorts too! bailey does! lol
My other Corgi, the one who is back home on the family farm, is a BIG talker. Tegan, on the other hand, never talks. I think it has A LOT to do with their personality. Dinky, our other corgi, has always been a 'talker'. You say anything to her and she will grunt, whine, and bark back at you. It's fun, like a whole conversation! :]

She got a lot of praise as a young dog from my dad and I for doing it, cause we thought it was cute, so it just is instilled in her I think.
Update...I just posted this as a blog but more of you may see it here.

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Delete Post Manage Blog Well, it has been about 5 months since we adopted Butter (9 year old Cardigan). Some of you may remember how I wrote in, wondering why he never made a sound. Many advised me to be thankful. However, it just didn't seem right. He came perfectly trained, like a little soldier or gentleman. He never made a sound.

At this point, my husband and I are pretty sure that he was prohibited from barking or making any sound where he was before. In fact, the previous owner told me she used high pressure water guns on barking dogs in her kennels; that would probably do it!

After about 3 weeks he started a high-pitched squealing which was quiet but annoying; he would do this as we got him ready to go for a walk. Over the next few months he started barking every now and then...he was never too confident about when or what to bark at. It was kind of funny, he would bark, then look at me to see how I reacted. In the beginning I just said "good dog" so that he wouldn't be afraid to bark.

As time went on, I have been helping him to distinguish when to bark and when not to...I think he is starting to get it.

We know he is really feeling comfortable because over the past few weeks he has started to make Corgi-like sounds. Low pitched arrrooorahs and play-growls as my husband chased him around. In fact, he even started to howl the other day. I love it when he stretches and makes long groans.

It is wonderful to see that he finally feels secure enough to be a dog and he has his own voice.

On a funny note...I saw "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" yesterday and at the end, Chloe (female star) finds her voice. So Butter is not alone in his personal growth. hahahah
We just talk to Roxie. We've done this since we got her at about 10 months. She's now 4 and she'll just about have a conversation with us. She says "good girl", or her best version of it. She likes to fuss at my wife while she's cleaning the house, I guess because something other than her is getting attention. She's a brat.
Take a look at this ;-}
Also I heard that you teach them to stop barking, and then teach them to bark on command after they learn the stop. A friend of mine has a terrier that goes nuts when he sees the frizbe. He had him stop barking and then on command had him bark before he would throw it...
Are you sure you want him to be more vocal? Charlie is now 6 years old and seems to get more vocal and talkative as time passes. When he was a pup I didn't think he would ever bark and now, he and our sheltie pup get into barking matches that make your skull vibrate! (shelties can be super vocal) My husband thinks it is too funny and encourages these barking matches - I LOVE my dogs but this drives me nuts! (although, Charlies makes some really cute noises sometimes the barking is too loud)
Caleb almost NEVER barks. He will bark one time in the following scenarios:

1) Another dog on a leash lunges and barks at us and (They're almost always those tiny fluffy white dogs, I think he's more annoyed with them than concerned about them)

2) After a particularly exciting / invigorating play session has ended, he will express his contentment with a good roll on the carpet and a bark.

3) When playing with his friends, Scout a boxer/mastiff mix, and Mouse, a pit bull mix. They're both big boys and on a couple of occasions Scout and Mouse have been scolded for barking in the house when it was actually Caleb! He rarely barks but when he does he sounds much bigger than his 24 pounds!

He will not bark (even though I would like him to) in the following scenarios:

1) The raccoons are going through a trash bag left on our front porch accidentally.

2) A stranger knocks at the door.

3) Something is lurking in the shadows.

Even though I would like him to alert me in these scenarios, I have decided it's better to have a quiet corgi, especially while we're still in an apartment. He will talk to me though! In the morning when I wake up the crawls off his pillow, stretches and gives me a "hello I'm ready for a walk now" wookie growl, and when he greets my boyfriend he gets a "good morning" wookie growl, and when he tries to de-fluff his fluffy toys by shaking the stuffing out he usually makes happy "oh yes I am pretending to be a fluffy toy eating monster" growls.

Since Caleb is a rescue I'm not sure what kind of situation he came from, but I have a feeling he wasn't encouraged to be vocal.
Zed didn't talk for a few months after he came home from the pound. Now he's very talkative but not barky (thankfully). He's got a set of cute sounds he usually uses on my wife and more wookie type sounds that he uses on me. We've tried to get him to howl but he refuses. The only time he howls is in his sleep. This would be fine except he sleeps right next to my side of the bed and hearing such a mournful sound in the middle of the night is sometimes unsettling.
Gibson only barks if he's wired and being a brat and wants us to play w/hiim (high pitched annoying "bark!") or if something scares him (a quiet "woof")
haha this is no longer true..he is a barking maniac! He thinks it's fun whenever we ask him a question to bark. He seriously laughs when he does it.
I wonder if Tucker will turn into ao barker. We have had him 2 weeks (he is 10 months old) and only heard him bark one time - and it was only one bark.

We were on our morning walk passing a day care - all of the kids came to the window and were yelling Hiiiiiiiiiii dooogggyyy!!!! He got all excited about the kids and then a garbage truck came along to ruin his moment. He did not appreciate that. As we walked away he turned his head and gave one low 'woof' to express his disapproval and kept walking. No barks since.

Whining and howling he has down pat though - mostly he whines when someone leaves the room - even the cats aren't allowed to leave. Must be part of his herding instinct? We don't encourage the whining though - as we live in a rowhome with fairly thin walls and that whine can get under your skin. Especially for neighbors who can't see the sweet face making all that noise.


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