I have two Corgis, Scout and Bindi, and we live with my sister and her Westie, Napoleon. Nap is an un-neutered 2 year old, Scout is a neutered 1.5 year old, and Bindi is a spayed 10 month. Since about last August Scout started becoming extremely aggressive around food with other dogs. He flips out and bites whatever dog is in his way. He has to eat in his crate away from the other dogs when its mealtime and I can no longer give out treats if there is more than 1 dog out. Now, if I am on the couch eating something and there is another dog up there, he will attack the other dog (mainly only Napoleon). Does anyone know how I can try to curb this behavior, other than by separation? *Scout rarely growls or bites Bindi, Napoleon is the main one.
Also, Bindi has begun to exhibit similar (though not nearly to the extent as Scout) with toys. She will do anything to protect the toy she is playing with, even though there are plenty of toys that she loves. Any ideas about that?

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It sounds like you have an alpha on your hands. Sadly this is a behavior that nutering does not cure. You'll have to make an entire home adjustment.


I hope the information in this link can help.
Having an intact dog in the bunch usually rocks the boat. Second look in to the NILF program as well as a training class in your area. In most cases these behaviors have been slowly gaining ground. To the untrained eye they are non-existant until big trouble erupts. Co Many corgis are food possessive and I always recommend feeding them separately. Since this has been a problem since last August this will be most difficult to change the behavior. It is also not uncommon for the other dogs in the home to show some possessive tendencies under these circumstances. The NILF program needs to be in effect for all. Couch off limits, access to toys off limits, feed separately. Dogs only get interaction when they have done something for you such as sit, down, shake or whatever they may know. Play time is your choice...you begin the game and you end the game. Toys are then put away. Treats may be given in crates. Sit/down stays are great for when you may be preparing or eating. No feeding anywhere except in crates or separated. Dogs are never to be left together unsupervised. Removing the triggers will help you greatly. Gaining the dogs focus will help lots too.


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