How graceful is your Corgi? Our Lockett is seriously like a bull in a china shop. She is not graceful at all and she also grunts and burps. She doesn't ever break wind (that I know of or smell) though. She is very cute and she's not overweight, but she's just sorta clumsy. I guess she's just not as dainty as she appears. We love her as she is, but it just made me curious - is this another Corgi trait?

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My Corgi is about as graceful as a sack of potatos. She runs into walls when she's looking at me and running, she changed directions too quickly and tumbles head over paw, she often misjudges jumps and faceplants into the side of the sofa. It's a miracle we haven't had an emergency with her.
Lily burps after meals and when she has gas, she can empty a room, it smells horrible! She also isn't that graceful whenever we're playing. She'll run into walls and fall down steps.

The baby (Izzie) is only 10 weeks but she falls down (and up) the stairs and I was just playing with her today and she ran her head into the cabinet door!
I hear ya! Steve can rip a good one and he has the most innocent face like he's saying "What, I didn't do that!" Oh, and the burping....Steve and Turtle both do that after drinking's quite funny.
I first thought thought Steve had lazy front legs because he kept tripping or tumbling over but then when I saw Turtle do the same thing I figured it's a corgi thing. I'm clumsy myself so I guess we're just a clumsy bunch!
Yeah, we call Brody a "huffle pup" not the most graceful. But he is more agile than other dogs we've had. I've had ones that really couldn't back up very well... let me tell you, his little fluffle butt can wiggle it's way back out of most situations -- yesterday it was out of the middle of my rapsberry patch (that he wasn't supposed to be in in the firrst place!) it was so funny because all I could see was that fluffy butt wiggling backwards!
Although I hadn't thought much about being graceful or not, our 5 month old Corgi walked around our above ground pool without a problem. Regarding the burping and gas, I think the food has a lot to do with whether it happens or not. I noticed a definitely change when Cookie ate the whole bowl of cat food...our vet says that cat food is like candy to a dog.
I think that Kitty is pretty graceful.She's fairly agile,isn,t gassy,doesn,t burp.Maybe putting that stupid tutu on her , made her the "Bali-corgi-rina" that she is ....hehe!
Sidney is almost one, and he's actually pretty graceful. He shows his agility abilities when he's frapping around upstairs, avoiding walls and furniture. Maybe he'll get clumsier as he ages, but so far he's great! Maybe the fact he has his tail helps him manuever ;-) ha ha.
Tiki (20 months) is a very graceful girl...she eats slowly, she is very calm, she is dainty, and very smart. Cruise (6 months) on the other hand matches the "bull in a china shop" description and he's not the brightest bulb on the tree.
Pandora is very graceful. She rarely falls from her planned jumps. She isn't polite though.

Trunks on the other hand is not graceful. I believe that bull in the china shop is a perfect description. He tends to fall off of everything, but he is agile. When he is running, he can make great turns and manuevers to herd or outrun those he is playing with. At those times, he looks graceful.
Our Corgi is about the farthest from graceful you can get. She snores, knocks things over, and belches (loudly) after every meal - which is a GREAT party trick, by the way.
Give a Corgi a wide-open yard or field, let 'em loose and watch 'em FRAP. That is true grace and beauty. Inside the house, ehhhh, not so much grace. The obligatory after-dinner belch, I'm sure means "You are so wonderful. Thank you for feeding me again. That was ever so delicious!" ...or maybe it's just from eating too fast and swallowing a lot of air.
neeka is not graceful at all, although she is getting better, before she ran into everything, tables, chairs, the fridge, the door, fell down steps.


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