Hi all,

I have my bid in at CorgiAid Carts but if any of you have a cart to donate to CorgiAid or sell to me for my Yogi, let me know. Thanks

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I wish I could help you out, but I've never had a doggie wheel chair. If I hear anything about one or can find you a really good deal on one, I'll tell you! Goodluck. Is there anyway of reversing Degenerative Myelopathy?
No, DM is like MS in humans. We will have a test out real soon to tell us if corgis have the gene but that is all. At least this test will prevent people from breeding if their dog has the gene (we hope).
No, DM is a given. It is like MS in humans. A test is supposed to come out soon to check for the gene in corgis. So at least if people are thinking about breeding their corgi, they can take this test first. If they are positive for the gene, then they can spay/neuter to prevent the disease from further contaminating. I just wish Yogi wasn't so young and developing this. He is only 9. Virg
I've connected with all above except the second link (I think). I'll check it out, thanks.
Here is another site for carts. http://www.handicappedpets.com
We ordered items for our elder beagle last year. Hope this helps.
Thanks, Anne. There was a cart for a corgi on this site but too big for Yogi.
Please send me a message and let me know if you hear from Corgi-Aid. I sell my jewelry online and I always donate 10% of the purchase price of items to dog rescue. Occaisonally I choose someplace different (a local rescue that helped find placement for every dog in a facility that was closing for maintenance, a collie rescue to celebrate the 1st anniversary of our collie's adoption, etc), but the majority of the time Corgi-Aid is the charity that I set the money aside for. If it would help you and Yogi out, I would be happy to specify that I request that my donation go towards Yogi's cart.
Thanks, Nicole. CorgiAid is fine for now. They are having a tough time finding a cart for Yogi because he is so small. If only the width of the shoulders were adjustable....Did you see the websites I have on my page? Virg
Virginia, how big is Yogi? I do know of an Eddies Wheels cart belonging to one of our adopters. It was a bit small for my 30 lb male. Not sure if she would be willing to loan it out but never hurts to ask. It is a very nice cart, light and compact but does have a rigid saddle which some dogs do not adapt to very well. She is located in Orlando.
Thanks, How about getting her in touch with me?
Hi Nicole,

Yogi's cart from CorgiAid arrived yesterday. I plan on trying him in it today. Wish us luck!



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