I guess Cruise now has a career goal in mind...home remodeling. I got home from work to find out that Cruise is not fond of the cove base molding between the wall and floor. So, he decided it needed to be removed...he pulled about four feet of it off the walls and chewed it into tiny little pieces. To see if he actually ate any of it, my wife and I spent a lot of time trying to reconsturct the pieces like a puzzle to see what was missing...it kinf of looked like an NTSB crash reconstruction. I has sprayed the area with sour apple spray but that did not help. Any ideas on how to get him to find a new career goal?...area is really too small for a pen and with Tiki there too that becomes difficult.

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Oh no! Did you have a heart to heart talk with him and let him know that he needs to find a different career to be successful in life, hehe : ) Is there another area you can put them to gate them off in a safe area. Have they ever been introduced to a crate? I would think crating them if they are used to crates. We always crated Lance and I thought we would never be able to keep him out of his crate for fear of what you are experiencing. I accidentally went to work a couple months ago and left the crate door open. Luckily I was only gone for 3 hrs and everything was fine, phew! Although he was 2 1/2 then and we had the upstairs gated off, living room and dining room gated off. So all he had access to was the family room and kitchen. I still will crate him when we leave so he doesnt ever get unused to the crate. Once in awhile we will leave him out, he had to earn that privledge though and still has to earn it : )

Did you leave a safe toy that he could chew on? I am sorry to hear about your wood and hopefully you can come up with a solution that makes everyone happy!
Vienna retired from the home remodeling business a while back, we went through a good half pint of speckle, 12 inches of baseboard, 1 wooden baby gate and some paint :( Bitter apple did not work for us, we end up placing the trash can and her crate around that area to block off the access, once her teething period have passed, we no longer had the problem. Also by exercising her more, she is more pooped and no longer find baseboard an interest :)
Lilly was into reupholstering furniture for awhile. I was able to place a cover over the chairs and cut off all strings and she has left them alone.

My jack russell was into wood and a friend told me to place cayenne pepper on the wood. She learned very quickly to leave the baseboard alone.

Good Luck
George too is into reupholstering furniture, but from the bottom up. He is pulling the material that covers the bottom of the couch and the chairs in the family room off bit by bit. He also is trying to convert my rocking chair into a regular chair by chewing on the runners. I quess he thinks I'm not old enough to need a rocking chair yet.Rosie had a thing for digging in the corners of our living room. She wasn't stopped by bitter apple either. We ended up rearranging the furniture so that we had something in every corner. It looked kind of strange, but it saved my carpet. She has since grown out of it.
Molly decided that the skirt on the bottom of the couch just had to go. She was about the same age as Cruise. She grew out of it and hasn't destroyed anything since.
neeka wanted to be an electrician.she chewed wires, it was bad. we just covered everything that we didn't want her to chew, ive also heard tobasco sauce works for some dogs..just not my dog she loves it.
i had the same problem with chloe when she was a puppy. she would chew everything in sight. i would reccomend crating. it worked great for chloe.
if you dont have room for a crate try putting somthing spicy where he likes to chew, that might deter him.
he normally is fine....and Tiki never touches anything. He has about 20 toys to chew on...i think he was just bored.
I saw on your profile that Cruise was born in January this year. At his age, he has probably just cut his last molars and for the next three months, his teeth will be setting permanently in place in his jawbone. He will want to chew, chew, chew. Fortunately this is the last of the major puppy-chewing phase. He also just entered adolesence, the terrible teenager time. He is likely to be bored more easily than ever, need more exercise, and be "looking for trouble". Unfortunately, adolesence lasts much longer than teething. :) I would also keep him in a crate or baby-gated in a puppy-proof room until he is 12-14 months old when you're not home to supervise.
Thanks...I thought the room was puppy proofed...essentially just walls and floor, and lots of toys...who knew the molding would be picked on...but then again, that's the only thing he really could chew...except for his big "sister" Tiki. But I guess he does get bored...we are out at work all day.
What a pair. Isn't puppydom fun? I was lucky neither of my dogs were big into distruction. Bones, nylabones, frozen teething rings (i'm sure they make puppy safe ones; may help with the discomfort) probably would help.
I have a very similar problem with Rockit only instead of wood she prefers carpet. This is a huge problem because we live in a rental house. My husband and I both work and I feel really guilty leaving her in a crate all day but we have no other ideas to keep her from destroying the carpet. The apple spray hasn't worked for us either. How do you train a dog to keep from behaving this way?


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