Are any of you watching "The Greatest American Dog" on TV Thursday nights? While they made a grave mistake - not a single corgi or we KNOW who'd win - I've been enjoying watching the dogs do their thing. Any favorites? Observations?

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Thanks! I'm on the West Coast and it's on in 45 minutes!
Aww, very sad! They did not deserve to go. Kind of a fun event, though.

Poor dog (Leroy?) did NOT like those bands. Poor dog. He seemed so confused. We use the squirt bottle on Sid occasionally as a behavior correction, but this lady kept squirting the poor thing and he was doing nothing wrong. He's gonna need doggie therapy.
It was a surprising decision after Teresa first repeatedly squirted her dog in the face with grapefruit juice, then constricted his muzzle with snarl bands, then lied to the judges and saying that Leroy was "having a good time". Ha! Granted "Angry" was a hard emotion to get out of a dog. I wouldn't be able to get either of my two to "look angry" for a picture, but I also wouldn't punish my dog to win a competition.

Bill did a terrific job with getting Star to look "Stubborn" after worrying so much about not being creative. That was a great picture.

Ron had the easiest word to match Tillman's persona. If Ron had put a little more thought into it, and not been Lazy, they could have won it. Oh well...
I can't imagine how to make a happy dog look angry, but I'm not super-creative. There must have been a way to convey the idea without making the dog actually mad. My daughter said she would have put peanut butter on the roof of Sid's mouth. He makes a funny/angry looking face while licking the PB, though he loves it. It's the way he contorts his face to get to the PB. He cracks me up!

She stuck a vacuum hose in the poor dog's face and then he bit her! I think he was trying to bite the vacuum and her finger got in the way, but she sure got mad at him for it.
SO this week, Brandy and her mini schnauzer Beacon were eliminated. Beacon seemed to have gotten to a point where she was refusing to listen to Brandy. One of the judges mentioned that if you train and train and train the dog will go into shutdown mode, like Brandy did. Our trainer tells us to only work 10 minutes at a time, max.

Also, Brandy is only 1 1/2, so she's still in doggie adolescence, isn't she?

I think both dog and owner were too stressed and needed to go home.

I got a kick out of the dance numbers. Bill and Star were awesome! It looked like a tough challenge (I wonder, if Ron and Tillman had not been eliminated, what kind of dance they would have chosen?)

I was a little surprised they gave the "best in show" to Laurie and Andrew (ragtime). They were cute and did a good job, but the hip-hop number was so much fun!
Brandy and Beacon needed to go.. They were getting on my nerves!

I have a feeling inside telling me that Bill and Star are going to win. He is the best parent/trainer on the show. It should be called "Greatest American Trainer/Owner" because they base everything on the way the owners train the dog. He also has the smartest dog (in my opinion).

Teresa and Leroy are my second choice.. Leroy is a smart dog. Has anyone seen their audition tape? If not watch here. If you have, I bet you would agree with me. I also like her because of what she did for Bill.

Here is where you can find all the G.A.D on Dogster.
Well, this week we said goodbye to Laura and Preston the Pomeranian. The "find it" challenge was fun (I'm trying to think of a way to test Sidney like that); you could see how Star is super-smart!
The art challenge was interesting, seeming to really test the humans more than the dogs. I didn't think Bill and Star's was that great, but the judges just love them, so all is well. I actually really liked Beth Joy/Bella's rainbow spiral. I was disappointed in Laura for "calling out" Beth over the fact that Bella yelped a couple times about her paws.

I was trying to figure out what they will be doing next week with all those puppies. Maybe a herding exercise? A corgi could have rocked at that!
I got an email you replied to this discussion and remembered to watch it online. I just watched it and wasnt suprised. Whoever the judges made the harshest comment to went home. I wish they would twist it up and send a strong team home, like Galaxy and JD. Its so obvious. I saw the teaser for the next episode and saw Star get angry! I cant wait for next week.
Star reminded me of my Bruce when she snapped at the puppy. Bruce does this to Sidney all the time, like he's saying "get outta my way, Whippersnapper!" I hope that won't be her downfall, because I like that team a lot.

I'm OK with Galaxy and JD going home. Galaxy is awesome but JD has some kinda attitude.
Did you see how he looked when they said his picture was bad? He got defensive and had an angry look. He seems too tough on Galaxy.
Yeah, it was like 'how dare they say something bad about me?"

Ha ha, he could have restarted the art when he realized he forgot to make the mirror images of the words! "Huh? They came out backwards?"
My Corgi Jack loves to watch Greatest American Dog. He likes to bark at them as they do the tasks. I'm glad the blonde with Beacon is gone, she annoyed me, and I think she annoys her dog. :] I had to agree with Laura, I feel that if Bella Star's owner knew she didn't like her front paws messed with, she should have found another way to create a painting that didn't involve taping sponges to a dog that has paw issues. I also agree that Galaxy's owner does have a bit of an attitude, almost like he thinks he could take it all in his sleep.

They need a Corgi if they continue it next season!

We're cheering for Bill and Star here in Texas! :]


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