Are any of you watching "The Greatest American Dog" on TV Thursday nights? While they made a grave mistake - not a single corgi or we KNOW who'd win - I've been enjoying watching the dogs do their thing. Any favorites? Observations?

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I was telling hubby last night...I watch all these shows where people perform amazing stuff (Fear Factor, Survivor, Amazing Race) and it's "ho hum, here we go again. Yawn" But put a DOG in that situation and I'm on the edge of my seat with tears in my eyes! Crazy, huh?
So out of who is left, who do you think deserves to win?

Andrew (Maltese) is very obedient but he just seems to lack personality. Robo-dog.

Presley (Boxer) is very smart, but he's still so young and impulsive. Travis does not have very good control over him yet.

Leroy (Border Collie) is great, but that BARK! It's so grating. Teresa has done wonders training him but just can't stop the constant yip-yip-yip.

Galaxy (Border/pointer mix) is wonderful. I like her a lot, but JD is just so cocky he annoys me. Plus is looks like she got hurt. I wonder if that was from the harness apparatus?
I fear that Andrew may win because the judges really seem to like little dogs. But as for DESERVES to win - prob Teresa and Leroy. She seemed to control his barking a lil better this week.
So now we're down to three.

I'm not sure I was really understanding the judges' comments.
Do you guys think Presley should have been sent home, since he broke stay? Were the judges valid in saying Leroy only obeyed out of fear?

And what about that Andrew? Have you ever owned a dog that was that focused on you?
I think Leroy and Teresa was too chaotic, he was barking and shown nervousness. Presley was too young and made some mistakes, but he did go back into position, that show loyalty. I didnèt think Leory obeyed out of fear, more like out of excitement.

I think Andrew got lucky, my vienna is that loyal to me, but i do not think that is necessary a good thing, i will be upset if Andrew win.

I think the judges were looking for calm loyal dogs last nite.
Travis and Presley won.. Didnt even bother watching the episode though. Ironic how the puppy wins out of all the dogs who are much more trained.
I did watch it, I just forgot to post!
They said it was more about the dog/owner relationship than how well they were trained or obedient. In the end it seems it was Andrew's separation anxiety that did it in.

I thought Galaxy should have stayed in longer than Andrew did. Asking JD how often he bathed Galaxy?? Come on!
I only watched one episode but it did seem scammed at the end. I did scower the website though to see if they have any casting calls for next year coming up ;) we should all flock there and see how many corgis we can get in HAHA!
Agreed! That show needs a corgi, for sure. :-)


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