i know there is other topics for this but mine is a little differn't. Neeka is being spayed next month, we are moving to another province six days after, we decided to get it done before since when we move there will be another dog living with us an i thought it would be too hard to keep her from playing with another dog around. my questions are..1) i have to leave her at home the next day, anything i can do to prevent her from licking/scratching her stiches? 2) how long until you take stitches out? 3) after six days are they usually healed enought to play in your experience? (my vet said anywhere from 4 days to a week just seeing how long it took your pup) 4) will this help with her aggression around other dogs? (she is only aggresive around food)

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1) My vet loaned me an e-collar when Charlie was neutered to keep him from chewing his stitches. He didn't really seem to be bothered though, so I only used it for a day. You might ask your vet if they can loan you a collar. If not, you might want to pick one up at a pet supply store.

2) Charlie's stitches came out in 10 days. I removed them at home. Your vet may use dissolving stitches that don't need to be removed.

3) After one day, you'll probably be trying to figure out how to keep Neeka still so she doesn't rip a stitch. Plan on a few days of crate rest to keep her stitches intact and keep her out of anything (weeds/grasses) that might irritate or infect the incision. She will want to play sooner than she needs to, so maybe plan on some stuffed Kongs to keep her occupied.

4) Don't count on spaying to cure food aggression around other dogs. Corgis are notorious for food guarding with other canines. You can work on behavior modification for food aggression, but even with work, you probably always want to watch her with food around other dogs.

Good luck! She'll do great. Hope you have an easy transition to your new home. :)
I took my female home the next day. The couple of days, she was pretty woozy and didn't really do much. I didn't need an e-collar for her. My vet told me to wait 10 days to take the stitches out and didn't restrict her from normal inside activity, just no outside exercise. She wasn't limited from jumping on or off furniture either.

I agree with Charlie- food aggression is just something that you have to work constantly at modifying and managing.
Regarding keeping her from licking or picking at her sutures use an e-collar. Many vets recommend this. Usually sutures are removed 10 days after the surgery. Some vets use glue or dissolvable sutures so no return visit is necessary. Yes, most are ready for play in six days. I would still discourage extremes in activity or jumping. Regarding helping her aggression most corgis I know are food aggressive. This can be easily managed by feeding dogs in crates.
Lily was spayed in June and had no problems after her surgery. Dr. Bryan used the stitches that do not have to be removed, so that made it really easy for her. She was a little out of it for a few days, but by Sunday she was back to almost normal. The surgery was on Tuesday, so the recovery time was not too long. She was back to full playing after about 10 days. Good Luck!
Ginger was spayed within the first two weeks after I got her. I dropped her off at the vet on Friday morning and picked her up Monday afternoon. They used dissolving stiches and Monday night even though I tried to keep her from it she was running up and down the stairs. It was like she took a lick and kept on ticking.


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