I have an 11 year old corgi and he is having seroius problems with is back legs. It's degerative and progressive rapidily. He's happy and his mind is intact, but his rear legs are failing him. I want to know any opinions about the wheel chairs that are available for dogs.


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Sorry to hear about the problems your corgi is having. Is it DM (Degerative Myelopothy)? This is a hereditary disease not uncommon in corgis. There is now a DNA test available for breeders and owners alike. It's available through the OFA. You can check my last blog post for a link to the site.

There's a yahoo group for wheelchair dogs and also Corgi Aid has a wheelchair coordinator named Bobbie. She has a rescue dog "Candy" who's young but was injured possibly by a car and is now in a wheelchair. He leads a very happy and content life. He's very active and goes everywhere. She's made some sacks for him to use in the house so he doesn't scrape himself up.

Bobbie is active on "Cool2bCorgi", another site I belong to. You might try to contact her there or through Corgi Aid's site. There are several vendors that manufacture carts for dogs. I recommend Eddies Wheels or K9 Karts.
Thank you so much for the information! This gives me some hope.

The success of a cart depends on a good fit and a dog that is willing to use it. I have a Doggon cart for my 12 yr. old boy Deion who has DM. It took months, lots of readjusting but he is finally beginning to use it. Many dogs take to it right away. I would highly suggest you come join us at the wheelcorgis site on yahoo. This is a great group of folks that will be so helpful. There are many success stories there. I dont think you can find any better advice then what is offered there..
Thank you Sam! I hope Bernie can adjust to the device quickly.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your correspondence. I last communicated with you on Aug 11 at 10pm on wheelcorgis. You mentioned that you would be happy to meet with someone and let them meet Deion. My handle on wheelcorgis is"solidstategraphics". I haven't heard back from you, and because I wont have access to the internet after This Friday afternoon, I would like to make some arrangements, if you are still willing, to meet with you and Deion in Clearwater at a location of your choice.

Ideally, we will be near Clearwater some time in the early evening on Monday the 18th. Only if possible for you. It would be better If Leontine, Bernie and I met you on our way down, rather than get settled in Venice and making a 3 hour round trip to Clearwater which would be stressful on Bernie.

Let me know how you feel about this. I can provide you with contact information like phone numbers etc.


Chris, Leontine and Bernie
If you think you may need a wheelchair, here is a website about an affordable wheelchair. Not hundreds of dollars, most are under that; and they are made by a vet tech"


You can also go to www.corgiaid.com. They have a loan system there I believe.
Thank you Lou Ann for the useful links!

Thank you Pat for the link.

I really appreciate it!

Sam is correct about the "fit" of the chair. Don't be lured by the thought of an inexpensive or used chair. It's imperative to find a good company with the ability to take exact measurements. If it doesn't fit well, and there is a degenerative condition, it can do more damage than good. You want to ensure it is supportive in the right areas, as well as measured to fit.


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