Every evening I've been walking my 3 month Corgi around the neighborhood. On average we walk 1.5 miles. Do you think this is too much for him?

For the most part Corky keeps up and doesn't appear to be tired, but if I see he might be getting a little winded I'll pick him up. I just wanted to see what other Corgi owners thought.

Another question:
Do any of you jog with your cogi's? Because I'm a jogger and I was hoping that when Corky gets older we could jog at a medium to slow pace.

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We used to walk our pups rougly the same distance as you did, we didn't have any problem. When Corky gets older, you can jog with him, make sure to increase your distance gradually, 1 time we over did it with Mocha and he hurt his paw padding trying to keep up with me :( it took him a few days to heal. Also watch out for pointy plants as well, vienna had something stuck in her paw one time while we're out for a walk, we didn't know she was hurt until we saw her walked differently. Learn from my mistakes :)
Good point. I should pay attention to see if there is any sharp objects in the road when we go walking. Thanks for the input.
I started walking Ruby 1.5 to 2 miles almost every day at about that age, I first I'd carry her part way, but she got to where she didn't want to be carried at all. As far as how far and how fast, he will let you know, that's more individual than breed.
Yes, I hope Corky will let me know if he can't keep up. I'm still learning his personality and I'm sure he's adjusting to mine as well. Thanks for the advice it's very much appreciated.
i think it's fine if he's keeping it up ^^ it's a healthy start. our kaycee likes to take runs. they're more sprinters, but i'm sure a 30min jog wouldn't hurt. It's kept my pup and i more sane. Sadly, it's me who has to keep up with my munchkin now. she knows after her walk, we race each other home to get to the back yard to play frisbee.
It sounds like Kaycee is a healthy dog, being able to run so fast. I bet she wears herself out....that's a good thing. I know when I walk Corky he always has a good nights rest. Thanks for the insight it's very helpful.
I don't see a problem with you jogging with your pup. I agree that you should do it gradually and build that corgi body up before doing what im sure your used to :)

When we got Roxi at four months we spent an hour everyday on the field throwing a Frisbee. We let her, let us know when she was through (at first about 15 min in.. then we slowly worked up to the full hour) she would flop down on the grass and roll over as if saying "Done!" Then we do that last little push by crawling up the hill to the car with her :) cuz she'd try to run.. and it was just funny watching those little corgi legs trying to climb that hill already tired out.

Don't be scared to push your little pup :) Just be careful and watch out for the "Im tired!" signs. Also be sure to let them rest up afterwards! We would strap ice packs to her body afterwards in the apartment to cool her off lol.
wow your Corgi has a lot of energy, to be able to chase the frisbee for an hour. Thanks for the helpful advice and next time we do any physical activity, I'll be looking for the signs of Corky getting tired.
Yes, you have a very good point. I should probably ask our vet.
Corky is current on most of his vaccinations. Here lately we've been walking a mile instead of the 1.5.
Thanks for the input, it's greatly appreciated.
Hedy likes her exercise in short spurts...whether playing with Mr Ducky, running in the yard, running back and forth in the house with her brother, or taking walks. Her walking limit is about 2 miles, by then she is ready for a break. Shes not overweight and in great shape and can easily out run me. She thinks its funny every once in a while to run down the block making me chase her. I will get close, then she pours some more coal on and is gone. Three blocks is the most I have had to chase her, thankfully. On our walks, we run the last 100 yards to the house and its drink and nap time!!! =)
That's why I like taking Corky walking because afterwards he just wants to rest. I like getting all his energy out so he won't be so hyper. That's great that Hedy likes to out run you. I hope one day Corky will be able to out run me.


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