Dont know what to do... Aggressive around new ppl and pets!

So this isnt about Zero he is an angel as usual but his big brother Droopy my lab mix is being my problem child! I have no idea what t do anymore Droopy is absolutely terrified around new ppl or dogs if its anywhere but our house. We went to the dog park today Zero was fabulous made friends played jumped in the water but Droopy just barked and growled at the other dogs and ppl. We had to leave cause I couldnt stand for him to act that way!! If we are at home and someone comes over and brings their pe he is fine he wants to be instant friends! I just dont know what to do anymore I am trying to socialize him more so he wont be so skittish but its getting impossible to do! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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How old is Droopy? Is he neutered? Have you had him since he was a puppy?
Droopy is a year and 3 mths old he was just neutered last month on Aug 15th we have had him since he was a pup.
Try walk him 45 mins daily and keep him on your side. Never let him walk you. Drain his energy before you bring him into the dog park. Do not pull back your leash, sometimes this action may make him even more aggressive, stand next to him on his side, bend your knees and push him on the side to remove him from the situation. Our dogs can read our body language as well, so be calm, sometimes dogs feed off our reaction to reinforce their behavior, both good and bad. Good Luck!
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but Timmy needed his exercise. We go for a walk and ball playing twice a day so it's kind of a routine.

Sounds like Droopy, being a young male lab puppy is doing the barking and growling out of frustration. Has he been to obedience classes? If not I recommend it for every dog. It creates a bond between the dog and the owner, exposes the dog to other dogs and lets you get the chance to address special issues with the trainer. If you get a chance read the blog post by Sam (the trainer) regarding socialization and it's importance to young dogs. (I wish I could do the links like Sam Tsang does) Also, is he getting enough exercise. I can't imagine having enough time to exercise a young lab. They probably require more exercise than Timmy does and he gets between 1 1/2 and 2 hours of exercise a day, 24/7/365. Just like the post office, neither wind nor rain, nor sleet and snow will keep me from giving him the exercise he needs. Otherwise, he'd be driving me NUTS!!!!! LOL

Dogs that are well socialized (100 new people in the first couple of months of ownership) generally don't have issues with people, instead they are eager to meet and greet. With other dogs it depends on the amount and type of socialization Droopy had since you brought him home. There are several methods to help him be less reactive and I would discuss them with a trainer.

Make sure that Zero gets lots of socialization with all forms and manner of people and other dogs. That way he won't become reactive with strangers and other dogs later in life. If there's a Petsmart or Petco in your area they offer classes. Also many humane societies or rescue groups offer them as well.
Ya I have been bouncing the idea of having him in obedience classes for a little while now btu with the way he reacts to new people and dogs I was worried it would turn into a big mess with him growling through class all the time. But I think I am going to give it a shot at least then I will be able to talk to the trainer and find out anything else I can do to help him, He is such a sweetie to new ppl if they are in our home its just outside of here that gets to him maybe its just too much for him! But thanks so much for the wonderful advice :o)
I would totally say do it! We have a young Golden in our obedience class and he was very aggressive with the other dogs at the start of class... The trainer was able to work with him and in just a few minutes he started reacting better. It's a good controlled environment to have them in and the trainer is able to intervene if things get scary.


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