Hunter and Layla are 7 months old now. We've been feeding them California Natural Puppy food, which is going well, but we're getting low and wondered if we should transition them to adult food now or wait? I'd like to stay with the California Natural brand, since this seems to work well with their systems (and Layla had some problems with other brands like Evo and Taste of the Wild).
Also, when do they stop growing? I know adult males are supposed to be about 30lbs, but Hunter (who is built like some linebacker hoss of a dog) was already 30 lbs when we took him to the vet a month ago...

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My Emmie was swicthed to adult food at 6 months as I was advised on doing so because of weight problems with corgis. She was recently spayed and weighs 17 lbs. I feed Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul. My farm store sells it and was recommended in another holistic magazine. Connie
I agree with Connie. I switched Mac to adult food well before he was year old.

Those are all good foods you mentioned. I would say though that at 7 months of age, it is probably too early to determine whether Evo or Taste of the Wild doesn't work well for your pups. I feed Mac a high protein, meat-based, no-grain food. This includes brands like Evo and Blue Buffalo Wilderness. When I was switching foods for Mac, I was really concerned that he was having trouble digesting the food. But really, it just took a long time for him to adjust - about 4-5 months from what I can tell. He hasn't had a digestive issue since then.
Now is a good time to switch to your adult food, especially if your low on the puppy food. You want to slowly had the new adult food with the last of the puppy food gradually to help the transition. I am soon switching my girl to California Natural lamb and rice. As for weight remember each corgi is different and standards are different for Cardi vs Pems. I like to use the ability to feel ribs and if you can she the hip lines. Good Luck


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