I just had to get a census if other Corgi owners have to deal with a poopy behind after your little one does a #2. She has her good days & her bad days, but I didn't know if something was wrong with her or if this is sometime that others have to deal with regularly as well...

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You can use a mustache shaver between her pads? Of course, I can't imagine that at the moment Freya being so small. Hmm...may try that.
Ein is almost 9 months and I haven't had that problem yet.
Lately Chester has nice firm poopies, but they don't drop until he gets inside. HAHHAHA we call it "Butt Bling". It's annoying, but just because we have to pick it up.

I've never taken Chester to a groomer, maybe I should trim his britches?
We've always done it ourselves, but I would like to get Lola professionally bathed... maybe for her 2nd bday... she needs a good washing/ear cleaning/nail clipping :) Yeah, the poopy buns always equal a little droppings... it's even better when she has poop on her butt & then shakes... she's such a little lady :)
The trim is called a "potty trail" by my groomer. Also, found if I gave her one omega-3 fish oil capsule, that helped with the poo..and made her coat really pretty. Helped with the dry itchy winter skin.
What a discussion! Scout seldom has this problem, but he is so long that he has trouble licking his own butt! He often gets very itchy and you can tell this drives him nuts! My husband has solved that problem by cleaning his butt with "butt wipes" (Tucks) every morning. This has now become a ritual which Scout waits for...has helped the two of them "bond"!!!


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