Tammey had been bugging me about getting Bear a little Corgi friend to take on the road with us and yesterday I gave in and we went to this place Discount Corgis R Us. After looking at what they had to offer (Not A Great Selection) this is the one she wanted. However, he could not find his papers and promised to send them to us as soon as he found them. Seems like a really great dog but I just don't feel good about this one. Please help, we need advice!

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Well, one thing is, do you have time and patience for 2 dogs? Also, you might have dogs for up to 13 years! Do you want 2 dogs to take care of for that long? You can easily fall in love with a dog, but do you need to have another one? It would be very nice to get another riend for Bear! If you really like it, maybe bring in Bear, so he can see his new friend. They might like each other, and they might be aggressive to each other. I would make the corgi a girl because sometimes a boy and boy don't mix well together. I hoped this helped, and good luck!
~Lil' Guinness
that is a great pic. think there might have been a basset in the hen house though! LOL
I'm thinking!!! You guys are really funny. What a hoot.
The pedigree is only as important as what is behind it. If one is unable to "find" the papers chances are you will never see them. All dogs have pedigrees. It is a matter of knowing the dogs in the background. Well bred corgis do have a pedigree that shows titles a dog has achieved as well as health clearance results. So depends if you just want any corgi or a corgi from a reputable breeder. I also advise never to get a dog for a friend for your resident dog. Many are more than happy to be king/queen of their home. Only get a dog if "YOU" want one. While many dogs enjoy interactions with other dogs they dont necessarily feel the need to live with them.

Wait a minute, maybe I posted that picture upside down! How's this look now.
Ok, It was a joke. And, I want to thank all of you people who did not write to say that I was about to adopt the ugliest Corgi ever. Also, please trust me when I say with all honesty that we are not rolling on the floor laughing at anyone who mistook and upside down Basseet for a Corgi.

Tammey is going to kill me when she sees this. Let's keep this to our selves. Sorry!
Caven: I think that is hysterical.. Good sense of humor and imagination.. loved it. However, I would put that new corgi of yours on a diet.. LOL. What is the basset's name? He looks like a good sport ..
Thanks, That is Mylo. We picked him up in Davenport Iowa (a kind of rescue/gift/Tip) for Tammey's father who is a diabetic. Mylo keeps him from eating "to much" of anything that he is not supposed to eat. They are a match made in heaven.
Hee hee! Thanks, and welcome to Mylo!
LMFAO!!!!! Those ears look a bit mishapen don't you think? Also, spots on a "corgi" like that make me wonder if he doesnt have Basset-pox! Its a terribly rare disease running rampant through long, floppy eared corgis!
Thank you for this post. it made my day!


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