I would say that 8 out of 10 people who come across Ofelia on the sidewalk don't know what the heck she is. Which is fine by me. I sometimes confuse her for a tasmanian devil myself. My nephew's friends think she's either a chihuahua or a dachshund or something in between. They also think she looks like a wolf. Which I think is a stretch. But I do agree when people say she has a german shepherd's face. When they ask, I just say corgi, because saying "Pembroke Welsh Corgi" sounds a little snotty to them. But sometimes I get a funny face when I say corgi.

Anyway, does anybody have similar experiences with your corgis or mixes? Or with any of your dogs if you have others?

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We used to get the question all the time, What kind of mix? Blue Merles Cardigan Welsh Corgis are not very common so we used to get that alot, but not so much anymore. I would politely say no he is not a mix he is a purebred but he is a blue merle cardigan welsh corgi. It was fun to educate people on the two different breeds of corgis!
I'm always amazed and tremendously pleased when I find someone who knows the breed. They're usually very appreciative of my boy, Niki. Most people in my area don't know a Corgi from a Cane Corso so it's my pleasure to share a bit with them. I've had people say things like 'That dog's a mix of a lot of things'. Most recently Niki and I met a lovely police officer who chatted with me about his doxies and kept asking my guy "Do you dig?". He was a bit taken back when I told him my boy is a herder rather than a digger. I didn't set out to become a breed ambasador but, I kinda like it.
I've found very few people here in SoCal recognize the corgi breed (but the few that do positively squeal with joy when they see Sid). It does not help matters that Sid is undocked, so many people that DO know corgis assume he is a small cardigan. So not only do we get to educate people about the corgi breed, we also get to explain about tail docking. It amazing how many people assume they are born without tails (like I did, before I met Sidney).

So, most of the time we get "what kind of dog is that?". Many people say he looks like a fox!

I rather like having an uncommon breed. It makes meeting another corgi while at dog park or while out on a walk that much more special.

Does it ever seem to any of you that your corgi gets more excited to meet another corgi than other dog breeds? Sid goes nuts when he meets another corgi and wants to play, play, play!
I seem to come across a mix of people that do know what they are and those who don't. The kids at my son's school all go with the fox theory. KC cracks me up though because whenever someone goes past us or we come up to someone she does that wiggle and head tilt and just knows that they will think she is adorable and pet her. lol. Drives her nuts that doesn't work with my mom. We traveled to a lot of rodeos over the summer and took her along for the purpose of socializing her. We never had a problem with her and other dogs until this past month, we started soccer and take her to games, she has suddenly became more apt to bark and growl at dogs, not always and it doesn't matter if they are big or small. The worst was a few weeks ago when she took an instant dislike to a pug that was walking by minding its own business. This was where her inner tasmanian devil came out. I told her it wasn't nice to make fun of other dogs with disabilities, just because he had a funny face many people make fun of her for her short legs. She gave me one of her looks and growly noises.
I have debated about taking her out to my uncle's who has a pug to see if it was that dog, the breed or she was just in a mood that day.
I've found that Ofelia seems to know when she's around other corgis as well. They have a very distinct way of playing, and it's really exciting to watch.
I actually run into a lot of people who know that Gibson is a Corgi. Men normally don't, but women do :) And if they're old ladies they have to mention that it's "the Queen's Dog". hehe
Some people even know that Charlie is Pembroke. Love them! :)

For all others I say "It's a German Shepherd on short legs," he-he
Everyone asks if she's a doxie-chihuahua mix. My friends say she looks very "foxy".
I have fun telling people she's a corgi. People who know about corgis are usually pretty surprised because they seem to think that corgis are snappy, barky, spazzy dogs and Didi is very mellow, so she gets to be a great ambassador for her kind. I'm her human liaison of course. v_v
When older people know I often get "Aren't those the Queen's dogs?" And I get to say yes and Didi gets to do an impression of a ladylike dog. If only I could get her to act like that at home...
In addition, a lot of people think she's a basenji. o_O This is very wierd to me.
Everyone thinks Pumpkin is a mix, but it's her coloring and the eye besides the Cardigan body. In the south of France she really stands out and my husband has thought up this description...un renard Americannes, which means... an American fox, and people say OH. She has also been mistaken for a large rabbit! We really get the "looks" from people but they turn into smiles immediately. She's the best, while everyone pets her and she can't understand one word of what they say, but she knows.
Usually people politely ask what breed winston is, but if I am telling someone his breed but they don't see him, they always ask "what the heck is a corgi?" I've had a few random people know what they are. I usually describe a corgi as a german shepard head on a basset hound body without the tail. They usually know what a corgi is then. Most of the time they say "ohh I know what that is! I had no idea what they were called." But yeah I do get asked a lot what type of breed winston is...... breed of awesome
Despite Shippo's fluff, most people actually recognize that he is a corgi. Some people ask "what mix is he?" because of the fluff, and are surprised when I say he is purebred, and then I have to go over the whole "fluffy mutation" thing with them. The rare person asks me "what is that?" When I tell them he's a CORGI, they go, "What's a CORKI?" So I have to repeat myself and accentuate the G, and then I just tell them "it's a herding breed, like a sheltie or a collie. People stare at me in disbelief when I tell them corgis were bred to herd sheep and even CATTLE? How could this short little dog actually MOVE LIVESTOCK? If they only knew how tough this breed is lmfao!

Also, when Shippo was about 4 months old, he was mistaken for a fox by a neighbor, who ran out to save his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from being eaten!


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