Has anyone used this? I'm just wondering because sometimes Mochi won't eat her food and will get an upset stomach later on in the day and throw up because there's nothing in her stomach. I read on the website that this would help with the acid reflux. I was just wondering if its worth it since one jar cost like 36 bucks!

Yesterday Mochi started dry heaving because she didn't eat her food in the morning and i gave her some Honey (just regular organic from whole foods) and she stopped dry heaving. So i was just wondering if this Manuka Honey would make a difference. Also it mentioned that you could use it to build appetite in a dog? give them some 30 minutes before eating a meal?

My neighbor actually turned me onto the honey thing he had mentioned that his dog used to get car sick on long drives and that he gave him some honey before the trip and every time he's done that Hogan never gets car sick. We tried this when we went to herding trials with Mochi and it worked great she didn't get car sick at all I don't know if it was due to the Honey or the car, because we took a different car that day.

Here's the website

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Wow! Thanks for the honey hint...
I'm definitely going to try this!! Caleb rarely has an appetite and sometimes throws up when there's nothing in his stomach...I wonder if acid reflux could be the problem?!?!? I'll call my vet to get the ok, but I definitely think this is something for us to try!!
hmmm try regular honey first and see if that works. I wouldn't toss in that money till I knew nothing else worked ;)
I've heard honey helps build up immune systems too and lots of people mix it in with food (not a whole lot though). Never heard of it being used to help prevent car sickness - that is really interesting.


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