i've been wanting to take kaijuu to beach for a long time .. after seeing soooo many corgis at the beach (pictures) i want to know what i should prepare myself to bring .. and such

corgis will gets tons of sand everywhere, what is the best way to clean them off?

i have this back car seat cover ... to get him on the ride home .. but beaches are about 40 mins-1 hr away .. so this trip needs to be smooth and un-ocean smelly. ahha!

thanks :]

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Just bring a brush and towels to wipe off after play. The sun will dry them off anyway. I take my 2 corgis to beach once every month and the car survives each time :)
I would brush the coat off before letting them into the car to get rid of sands and dirts.
aww thanks for the reply! i thought people don't go back this far =P

when you say a brush, what do you mean by this?

now its raining and gloomy, i cant take kaijuu to the beach :/
Any dog brush would do. I have one, which has dense thick soft bristles like the one human uses :)
It works really well and they are usually pretty much sand free when I finished brushing. They have to be dry though so sunny days are preferable.
Believe me, you don't want a wet dog in your car.
My doggies would get a bath when we get home.
A lot of beach places have showers, or hoses that you can use to wash your corgi's off with. You will need a towel for sure. Don't expect them to be 100% sand and salt water free. That just won't happen. For this just take them home and give them a good bath.

Keep a very close eye on your little one if they want to go out for a swim. Corgis tend to have a balancing problem when they are in water. Sometimes they tip to one side or the other. Just make sure that Kaijuu is swimming ok with his head above water.

A rake or slicker brush will work just fine.

Don't get discouraged, you'll have time to go to the beach. And when you do I'm sure Kaijuu will love it.
I just hose mine off before we head to the car and towel them "damp dry". I have a good cover on my car seats and several towels laid down. Then both dogs will get a thorough shampoo when we get home with a Kong Zoom Groom (handheld rubber curry comb) to get all the sand out since one of mine likes to take home half the beach with her.

Some corgis like to swim and others don't. Mine like it when I stand in the water with them and they can swim around me. Be careful if you keep a leash on your dog that they might get tangled. I think it is safer for your dog and the other dogs there if you unleash your dog before letting them swim so no one gets tangled.

If you are worried about your dog not swimming strongly they do make lifejackets.
We normally take a couple of milk gallons with water with us. Never been able to find a hose or shower. We also have a car seat cover. We have a shammie type towel that we use to dry her and also brush. When we get home we go to a local dog bath place to finish the task. Malibu loves the beach which is an hour away from us. She still hasn't ventured out enough to were she has to swim. I am looking for a place that I can take her swimming. Good luck and much fun.
Dog=smelly especially if its a wet dog!! unless you plan to sunbathe dry the dogs before they enter the car i would just prepare for the smelly ride.. Plus 30 min in you probably will just used to the smell! :)


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