There's a new show on Animal Planet called Dogs 101. The show goes through different breeds of dogs explaining the behavior and characteristics of each as well as the pros/cons of owning the breed. This Saturday, October 25, the Corgi is one of the breeds to be explained. Happy Watching!

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Thank you! I have my DVR all set to record.
Me too!! can't wait!!!
Thanks for the reminder...I need to set the dvr to record to make sure I dont miss it!
Just had a look at Animal Planet's schedule here in South Africa, and it isn't showing :-(
Yep! I already have it ready to be recorded on my DVR. Yay!
I've got my DVR set to record this. I can't wait!
yay! i didnt miss it. they are showing it 3 times.. im watching right now 12am, for pacific coast =)


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