Hi. I'm been thinking about it for a while now. And I think I would like find Bonni a playmate. A corgi of course, since Im such a fanatic. I could go back to the pet shop I got Bonni from, but they charged 800 dollars for her, and I just cant afford that now. Does anyone know where I would be able to find one? A trustworthy breeder? A Corgi rescue in Orlando?

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Candy, I think it would be great if you rescued a Corgi! Go to the national Corgi club website www.pembrokecorgi.org There is a tab for rescue and then you can look for your area-good luck!
Ooo... I would say go to the women we got Roxi from but she's in VT hehe. We got her for 500 since she was the second to last one.. She seemed like a great breeder and Roxi has been healthy and wonderful. I was going to go back to her when we decided to get another one :)
Here is a link to a Corgi rescue here in the Central FL area

Hmmm..i'm not getting the link feature to work?!
here is it:

Vivian got Bailey from a breeder who is very close to Orlando.
I will ask her and pass that along to you...


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