Wonder how often you bathe your Corgi? How do they react to it ? Brynn was very afraid at first, but now seems to like it . I bathe her in our double sink , one for wash the other to rinse.She loves it when we dry her off :) I give her a bath every 2 weeks. Is this too much ?

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I have decided to leave the bathing to the groomer. After hoisting a 53 pound dog in the tub, getting shaken on every 2 seconds, then having a damp cogi rub himself all over the funiture, I gave up. Augie also like to do a "Curly" move (Three Stooges reference) on the carpet. He goes down head first, rubs his snout down, until he ends up in his back, rubbing back and forth. He also likes to do this after he eats???I can still handle Charlotte, and have had to do emergency baths in the sink after she smeared fresh goose poo down on side of her body, but for now, I'll let the groomer do it!
Wow, your corgi is 53 pounds? That is big! I noticed that dogs rub themselves on you and the furniture after the bath because their face is wet. If you towel dry the face right away, they usually don't rub themselves on things. My dogs and my sisters' dogs are all like that. Once we towel their face off, then they are okay.
Depending on the activities you do and the dogs "desire" to roll in stinky things I find that once a month is more than sufficient for most dogs. Regular grooming does a much better job of distributing the oils and keeping the corgi hair to a minimum in your home. Corgis generally do not have a "dog smell" like some breeds do.
Gonzo gets a bath about once a month, or when his distinct smell comes out. It's not a terrible smell and it doesn't smell like any other dog, but it's enough to have to bathe him. I was told that bathing a dog more than once a month can cause dry skin, but also that depends on the dog. I also buy between-bath wipes for him.
He loves the bathtub and whenever I shower or run the water he wants to jump in - but when it's time for his bath, he can't wait to get out.
Thanks your replies :) I'll start doing it once a month instead of twice. After walking her the dirt wipes off easily . We get tons of rain here in Portland . Brynn walks in all the mud puddles! It 's so cute the sound her little feet make .I am finding out what a social little girl she is on our walks because she has to say hello to everyone.
In Singapore, we are advised to bathe our dogs every 7 to 10 days because of the humid weather. I'm very fortunate that my Ritz does not have any doggy smell when I take him to the groomer to bathe him after 2 weeks!
Roxi gets a bath every 1-2 weeks but because we do live in a snowy area and anything that leaves the house comes back with mud/grime/road salt on it lol.

She still doesn't enjoy it and I suspect its the fact that she's so low and with those big ears, the running water in a bath tub can be a little louder then we think. She does the bunny hop to try to get out and then just gives up.

She does love the towel rubbies though :)
I learned to have the water ready before the bath helps a lot . The first bath we gave Brynn the water was on and she freaked out . She still isn't in love with bath time , but she is so much calmer now . Oh ,and not filling up the tub or sink to high is another . Now i only fill it up to her tummy and just tell her it's OK . Only gave her 3 so far , but this weekend is Bath Time !!!
2 weeks is normal according to my vet. sometime I bathe kiyo a little more often depending on how much time we spend outside that week.
My vet (and several Corgi breeders) recommend no more than once a month, and then only if they are stinky. Corgis have a really easy-to-clean weather resistant topcoat, so even mud should towel completely off (after it dries). I would certainly bath more often if the dog rolled in "name-that-animal" - poop - any animal poop. LOL

Charlie hasn't had a bath since November 1st, and I can stick my nose in his fur and he's still not stinky. I do brush him a few minutes every night while we watch TV, so that may help too. My last dog (different breed) was a really doggie-smelling stinky dog, and I'm so glad that most Corgis don't smell too strongly.

When I do bathe him, I'm using "Buddy Wash" Shampoo and Conditioner. It has a really fresh, long-lasting lavendar and mint scent, and is all-natural coconut-based (contains no soap). Many of the breeders recommend the dry shampoos (powder or spray) between baths if you need a quick freshening up.
I bathe Duke every two weeks or when he starts to smell doggyish.
I bathe him in the shower with the detachable shower head or when it's not cold outside, in a tub wth the hose in the yard. He never shakes or is scared. It's not his favorite, but I don't think he minds. He licks my hand while I bathe him and I talk real sweet to him so that he is not afraid. After all is said and done, he's a super fluffy pup. And he runs around the yard and gets a treat for being a good boy in the tub.
Of course, when I'm too tired and have the extra cash, I take him to the groomer. :-)
Oh, I love the smell of Buddy Wash. I have the spritz spray and use it to freshen and comb his coat. I will have to get the soap.
rufus doofus gets a bath every week. it's all of that georgia red clay. sometimes we can't tell that his paws are actually white. he hates baths and i am not sure why. I always use warm water and i never get it on his face or in his ears. whenever he hears the water running, he hides in the closet. when we put him in the bathtub he gets eerily still. almost like he is resolute and waiting for execution. it's funny, but i wish he didn't seem to mind baths so much.


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