My Rosie will limp occasionally, especially after she has played and ran for any length of time. Sometimes she has a hard time walking for a few seconds after she wakes up from a nap. It is always her left back leg that seems to be the problem. She has scooted herself across the floor for a bit until she stands up. She doesn't do this all the time. When I took Rosie to the vet, my vet said that Corgi's have very curvy bone structures and it is common for their joints to get out of line, but they will go back into place. She examined her but did not take x-rays. My vet gave me some pain pills to give Rosie when she does this. Rosie is sixteen months old and I would not consider her to be overweight. Should I insist on x-rays?

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Don't know if I caught you in time, but I would suggest the vet (unless he/she's an orthopedic vet) refer you to one. Very often vets aren't familiar with the structure and movement of dwarf type breeds. I wish you and Mickey well. I know how frustrating it can be. Timmy wasn't even two years old when his troubles began. Today, no more panosteoitis, but he does have hip dysplasia in his right rear hip, which was diagnosed last year. He now takes Glycoflex and Dog Gone Pain which keep the symptoms under control and still allow him to play ball.

Good luck today and keep us posted.
fortunately, you did catch me on time since the vet was not in. I find out on Monday if he is an orthopedic vet or not.. don't know if there is one in NYC. I will search for one.
So, I guess, at this point in time, I need to pray for
1) just a sprain - which I highly doubt
2) pano - which seems treatable
3) resign to dysplasia - that's life long I guess?

I am so sorry to hear about timmy - how old is he now? does he run like crazy now?
thanks so much!
I'm sure that there are several in the NYC area. It will be a matter of asking for a list from a State Liscensing Board. I'm sure the info would be online as well. It is in California.

The most important thing is to think positive. Most often injuries are healed with time, medication and alas, rest! For corgis, the later is the most difficult. LOL

Timmy will be six in March and is still very active, considering. He MUST chase his ball every day and he still runs like crazy. When he does a little too much, he gets a "doggie aspirin". He pretty much lets me know when he's in pain. Just lays there and doesn't really want to get up, cause he did too much. Painful for me to see, but I know that with some rest, slower activity level the next day, he'll be fine. Some day, in the distant future things will be worse, .................but until then he will chase life and a ball like there's no tomorrow. Cause for dogs, life is this moment, they don't worry about tomorrow.

Thanks for caring and I wish you and Mickey all the best. I've sent you a friend request
Rosie is doing so much better now. She has is now 26 months old. We did find out,besides the Pano that one of her back legs has a bow in it. My vet said that it was a birth defect and it makes that leg a little shorter. When you look at her from the rear, it is really noticeable. It doesn't seem to bother her, now that the Pano is getting better she can run like the wind. It was really scary when she first started having problems.
I'm actually dealing with a similar thing with Grover (10 months now!) right now.
Just before Election Day he began limping on his back left leg. I gave it a day because he didn't seem in pain and I was thinking he might have just hurt himself playing. Well, it went a way. Then about 3 days ago, it came back! This time it did not go away entirely, but seemed to come and go through out the day. He would get up from a nap and it would be there but go away after he'd been up a while.
So I took him to the vet on Saturday. He gave me some Anti-Inflamatories and said he couldn't feel anything wrong. He thought it could be his knee cap coming out of place but he couldn't be sure because he couldn't feel that it was doing it at the time. So we take the pills and head back in a week. I'll need to schedule him for X-rays.
He's been taking the Anti-inflamatories (which I'm assuming are like doggy Ibuprofen, right?) for a day now and he still seems to limp now and again.
Has anyone had this problem with the knee cap? What do they do to fix it?
Thanks. I spoke to my breeder today. She had never had any issues with front legs/shoulders. Most of the time its the back. She also raises Danes and has had Pano from time to time with a specific bloodline. We talked about a torn legiment or some cartilage damage. Teddy is fine after a few steps but it is concerning.
We have the same problem with Joey. Strange that corgis have this in common. Joey only limps in the evening after a day of walking and running a lot which is every day. Front left leg. When we rub it or touch it, it is not sore. When we feel one of his pads on his paw he seems bothered like it's tender. Wonder if it's a paw issue.
Winston limps after he's been laying down for a while but he only limps for like 30 seconds max.. Sometime his leg is just asleep. So the sleeping part I wouldn't worry too much about
Thanks. He was fine up till a couple of weeks ago. We will continue to monitor him.


I heard that you cannot x-ray ligaments. Nothing will show up. I heard it may be a misplaced knee. Joey can limp bad at night but then in the morning he's OK and runs OK around the pond. We live on a ranch. It doesn't seem tender. But his paw pad is. And his nails are too long.

His pads and nails are fine. Xrays didn't show any bone damage. He pays pretty hard but only bothers him when he gets up after he has been laying down for a bit. We have him on anti inflamatory meds but are not sure that it has made a difference. Will keep everyone poseted on the progress.



Thanks for your reply. We have him on some anti inflamatory meds. Not sure if it makes a differnece. After he gets up and moves he is fine. We did have the vet Xray him. Saw nothing in them that was damaging. We will keep monitoring it.




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