Show us some Halloween Costumes ideas :)

Here's "Lord of the rings" edition :)

Link to Catalogue

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AHAHAHA Those are great :) Halloween is probably the only time I can even consider dressing my dog

I was thinking of getting this for Roxi

OMG, this is a keeper!!!
This is my Ein from two haloweens ago, it's actually a todler costume because I have found it very difficult to find a dog costume to fit a corgi. This year I'm going to dress him as Jack Sparrow.

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hahaha toddler clothes is a great idea! I'll keep that in mind while I shop.

I can't wait to see the jack sparrow!
OMG these are too funny!
I saw this Corgi costume picture last year. . .I'm sure there are many out there but I wanted to share this one cause I still think it's one of my favorite originals.

This is more funny then the armor.. Im crying Im laughing so hard and I dunno why.. thats an awesome costume!
I love this one too!
Its hilarious!
This one and Yoda are my favorites so far!
Now, that is most definately ths short bus.


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