I've had many animals in my life but I've never had dogs that had such an easy going disposition. . .my Corgi's make friends with any breed of dog small and large. . . .and they especially enjoy meeting new people.

Is this common amongst Corgi's or do I just happen to have "special" Corgi's. . .LOL

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My corgi seems to be the same way. At first she was shy around dogs but after a few weeks of puppy kindergarten she's fine in big packs. 1vs1 humans and animals she has always been great from day 1. There's just too many old dogs around that can't play like her hahahha.

Now... a pack of small children... thats a whole'nother story...
Cool. . .I took my Corgi's for there morning walk (6:a.m.) and they met two new dogs on the trail. . .again, they greeted them like they've always know them. . .funny how animals are, they don't hesitate to meet new dogs but we humans have second thoughts especially with society today, who can you trust these days???

Good to hear that other Corgi's are friendly and outgoing. . . .
Toby loves people. Ive taken him to visit my Dad at his retirement home , and the other residents light up when they see him. He is so good-natured and loving. Sometimes I think Corgi's would make great Pet Therapy dogs too. He loves the repairmen and sits at their feet for belly rubbings while they try to fix something. He is good around children too. He even puts up with his bossy room mate Lola. On the other hand Lola is still skittish, she was a street urchin and suspect abused as a puppy mill dog. We are working on making her feel more secure. Im told she loved visiting kids at school before we got her.
When we rescued Zed the shelter told us he did not play very well with other dogs. Since we've had him home he's played just fine with dogs ranging from a mini-dachshund and a 4lb mutt to a German Shepherd. He needs a minute to sniff, but after the introduction he loves to run and play with other dogs. He's a lot more social than the other dogs I've had.

Jaffa loves to meet other dogs and loves people to death! He can be a lil grouchy at another dog if they play too rough with him though, other than that he's always been a sweetheart :)

Some of my corgis like other dogs better than others but they 100% agree that kids are A1:) Livvy looked like she felt rejected Sat. when we went to the pet store and no kid petted her:( Her tail wags and she just waits so when they walk by I don't know what she actually thinks. Usually my corgis are kid magnets. Adults are fine too.

Cute pix!  Our Corgis have always gotten along with most everybody including furry ones.  One reason I keep gong back for more.

Oh, gosh, I am astounded how much Lucy loves to meet people! If they ignore her, she will sit or lay down with her little nub wagging madly until they cave and come over to say hi. It makes her so happy! Even though she is still an energetic puppy in need of some manners, she is remarkably good with small children. She loves all dogs of all sizes, though sometimes they want nothing to do with her--she's ok with that too. Now if only my 2 cats would play with her!! Fortunately, their distant attitiude toward her has not put one dent in her self-esteem!


I, too, am struck by how welcoming she is, how joyful she is around me and others. At the same time, she is a good watchdog too, barking appropriately at strange noises. She just can't tell the difference between a TV doorbell and a real one!

When there is a knock or ring on TV which Murray mistakes for a real one I tell him "that's just the TV" and that seems to satisfy him.  Now I sometimes use that line on noises that aren't on TV because it works so well.

I say that too. I guess it will take a while before she catches on!

Oliver loves people and other dogs too and I have heard this is common to the breed.  He loves making friends with everyone he sees on our walks and loves other dogs.  He also doesn't fear any larger dogs and my husband and I joke that he must think he's the size of an elephant!!  I also love that when other dogs bark at him from inside their homes, Oliver just ignores it and goes about his business.  He's a sweet little chap!


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