I am just writing because I am annoyed... sorry, I have to get this off my chest.

I went to FOUR places today with Tegan. Three pet stores, and a dog park, and AT LEAST 9 people asked if he was a corgi mix? No one thought he was pure bred....

is he really not that pretty of a corgi or it cause he's a tri color? Do other tri colors get this comment? He's a little long for a corgi, but he is proper height! (he's a chunk though.) Feel free to look at his pics on our page and let me know.

I'm so annoyed. I get that every time we go anywhere and I'm beginning to get offended. :(

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He looks all Corgi to me! :-) It's probably because he's a black-headed tri with a shorter coat. He's very handsome. Don't let it get to you. Just today, I asked a woman if her dogs were Lhasa Apsos, and it turns out they were lovely fluffy little long-haired Pekingnese with nice haircuts. :-) And I once asked someone if she had a Pom mix because the dog was cream, and it turns out it was a full Pom; I've only ever seen them in red. Usually when I goof I try to help with any bruised egos by commenting on how lovely and kind their dogs are.
He's such a handsome guy! With a beautiful foxy Corgi face, and I love the black mask around his eyes. I have a tri too, only his head his red. I can't tell you how many people have asked me too if he's pure bred, or part GSD or what. I don't mind, as long as they are complimenting me on my fabulous boy, as I sure they are for yours, too. They ask because they wish they had one too, so they need vital info....
My thought would be that people see many more red/whites...around here people don't really know what corgis are or consider them strange looking. Since there are bigger dogs that have the coloring of Tegan such as Aussies and Shelties(?) they might just think it is mixed. Tegan does look like a corgi I have a tri too and it does seem that those that don't know much about them maybe don't know they come in a tri color! Maybe you can "teach" them more about corgis!
yep I think red/whites are the corgi's that people see inside their heads when they think of corgi's =)
People ask me all the time if my Aussies are Border Collie mixes or sometimes even if they are Aussie mixes. You would think the no tail would be a giveaway, lol. I don't get offended. I just figure they are not knowledgeable enough about dog breeds to know. At a show a few weekends ago a commented about what a lovely greyhound puppy was in the ring... it was an adult Whippet, oops! Even the best of us do it!!
Hey...With a straight face just say... "no he's a great dane.....he's just a small for his age ....please don't tell him. HAHAHAHAHAHA

We get this look like........sure their corgis. They act like our two are aliens because they are...are you ready for this... Cardigans...(imagine a gasp from the crowd).

People just can not accept that there is something outside of red and white pems. Ya got to love em...the people a well as the doggies! ^-^
I agree! My first was a Cardi and I am weeks away from having a new baby Cardi in my home! He is going to be Brindle and Black and White! I can't wait to bring him home, but I use to get that too. Pembrokes are far more common and I love both!!
He looks all Corgi to me. I have a black headed tri just like him. It's the red and white thing. When Radar was 8 weeks a lady thought he was an Aussie. Go figure?
I get that with Sparty too. I just confirm his corginess and usually people comment on how good looking he is!
People always thing Sidney is a mix since he's undocked. He must be mixed with something since he has a tail, right? I just patiently educate the folks - what else can you do? Your Tegan is beautiful!
Well, it is not that bad! In Taiwan, people ask if Yoda is a Dog or a rabbit! Tegan looks like all Corgi to us!
People often ask me if Marty is a mix. I do believe it is because most are not aware that they come in tri-color. Tegan is handsome and all corgi! I do not take it personally because they often follow up with "He has such beautiful markings!"


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