I am just writing because I am annoyed... sorry, I have to get this off my chest.

I went to FOUR places today with Tegan. Three pet stores, and a dog park, and AT LEAST 9 people asked if he was a corgi mix? No one thought he was pure bred....

is he really not that pretty of a corgi or it cause he's a tri color? Do other tri colors get this comment? He's a little long for a corgi, but he is proper height! (he's a chunk though.) Feel free to look at his pics on our page and let me know.

I'm so annoyed. I get that every time we go anywhere and I'm beginning to get offended. :(

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Love it...now how do I pronounce it?
People have all kinds of misconceptions about corgis, I believe. Most times when I run into a corgi owner or one who knows of corgis...they can't believe that mine are true corgis as they don't look like an overstuffed sausage...they usually walk away and I know they're thinking how "fat" theirs really are as I do point out that weight wise mine are exactly where they should be (which means you can see their body outline)!
this is a very good point! my vet says he hardly see's a corgi come in that is at a healthy weight! Thank goodness Walker is healthy!
I get it too. More so since we have molly ( She's "Corgi Colored" ) I just tell them he is what he is. Most have never heard of a cardigan either.So I ask if they have ever seen a cardigan. Gets them off Max.
We have been out with our dogs and people ask me if Tenby (tri) is a corgi. They look at Chepstow (red and white) and know he is a corgi. So I agree that the tri coloring fools people. But I do wonder when they are sitting next to each other and someone can see that Chepstow is a corgi and ask about Tenby. If you look past the color they look the same!!!!!!!
He looks all corgi to me! He is adorable. apparently those nine people have no idea what a pure bred tri color corgi looks like. When someone asks you, you should show him off. Teach em a lesson! haha he is very handsome
I get that ALL the time with my tri. Half the time I think people think I don't know what I am talking about when I say that she is a pure bred. Red and whites are just so much more common that our "special" tri's confuse non-corgi people. Don't let them bother you.
I consider our walks in the local park as being the work of the "Corgi education comiittee". Once someone asked me what happened to the dogs' legs...and we've had the german shepard /bassett cross/accident remark fairly often. Consider it promoting the breed!

I usually end up telling folks WAY more than they want to know.
Have to mention: We went to week four of obedience class last night and at least half of the people in class had finally got the courage to ask me what kind of mixed breed Frosty is. I had to explain no less than 10 times that he is a purebred, and still they were like, "but no really, what is he mixed with." It was eventually a little irritating that everyone wouldn't believe that I know what breed my own dog is (especially the lady who has a maltese and insists that it is a very small bichon frise lol!!!)
I agree...he's all corgi! I think it's because he's a tri. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I never knew corgi's came in that color until I started looking for one...
There is nothing wrong with Tris my little Ace's mom was a tri =) And Tegan is just handsome as all
You have a really beautiful boy. He looks like a very healthy, and happy corgi. People are probably not used to seeing a black tri-color. I love his coloring! I don't blame you for being annoyed, your just a proud mom!


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