Hey - I just got a new Corgi puppy - Nikita. I already have a 5 year old MinPin - Peppy. Nikita seems to think Peppy is some unruly beast and tries to herd him around the house. She nips at him (mostly eliciting a growl from Peppy, but sometimes she bites a bit too hard as Peppy bit her back in frustration) barks at him and even chases him out of his Doggie Bed.

I was prepared for a little new puppy chasing old dog play time, but this seems to be escalating to a dangerous place and I'd like to nip it in the bud before it becomes a real problem if I can. Any ideas?

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Hi there, thanks for your response. We've only had Nikita for 1 1/2 weeks! :) AND we almost named her EIN!! We were just wondering if we should stop her from chasing Peppy or if we should let her do it. Peppy is getting really annoyed and probably stressed from all the chasing, barking and nipping. His growls are not serving as a deterrent, she is a fearless 9 week old puppy. She keeps charging at him.
Puppies can be really overbearing. Your job and chief "referee" is to put Nikita in her crate when Peppy looks like he's had enough. I'd just let them have several short, supervised play times together and separate them when things start to escalate. Once your pup has learned a few manners and some bite inhibition, they can spend more and more time together, and hopefully end up being best buddies.

Good luck with your two! : - )
Separate times are indeed a good idea. Do remember though this is a great time to interact one on one with your pup. Start interacting with toys, some leash walking, not too early to teach the sit command and other interactions. Puppies have lots of energy and need outlets for it that do not include "incessantly pestering" the adult dogs in the home. I have had a few that sound just like this one. They can be challenging but grow out of most of the behavior with some supervision, redirections and time. Good luck!
thank you all for the responses! Happy to announce that Peppy has finally come around and warmed up to Nikita! They played for 10 minutes straight this morning and put a big smile on my face. :D


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