Some of my friends have pet insurance and swear it's worth every penny. What is your take on it? If you are currently insured, any recommendation?

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I've definitely thought about it. Especially after we had to treat Zed for heart worms. I'm not currently carrying pet insurance but that could change any month now.

Bottom line, I don't know if it's necessary but I don't think it could hurt either.
Wasabi recently had a UTI, and the vet said she might have to have surgery later on, so my husband and I signed Wasabi up for pet insurance. It turns out Wasabi doesn't need surgery, but I thought insurance would be helpful later down the road (since corgis have lots of hip and back problems). We pay $24.95 a month for the basic coverage plan and we can file a claim everytime we go to the vet's office for minor allergies to anything major.

Petfirsthealthcare (This is what we signed up for and we're going to try it for a year~)
I have insurance on both girls. It helps out . Before I lost my oldest corgie hed had to have dental work done it cost us 1800.00 if I had been smart enough to have insurance on him would had saved over 1500.00. The insurance is only 22.00 month and comes in handy in an emergency. also it covers all yearly shots and check ups ect. its a good thing to have
We have VPI and its $25 a month and ends up paying for itself before the end of the year. It really helps out but it requires you to be dedicated enough to print out a form before going to the vet and get them to fill it out, but it pays off in the end. I recommend getting insurance, that way you will never debate on whether or not to take your pup to the doc.
With vet prices going up, I recommend it. For regular stuff you can plan the finances, where you'll appreciate the insurance is when the unexpected illness or injury occurs. I work for a vet and health insurance is becoming more and more the norm
I got Louis pet insurance around a month ago, just because he's only my dog and I can afford the 51 dollar a month payments (I get unlimited coverage =] ) vs a 1500.00 vet bill! I don't have regrets with it, I want my Louis to be able to receive any medical attention he may need
Here's a 2009 post for you. I also have VPI, and you no longer have to have the Vet sign or fill out the form, you can do it yourself (I used to leave blank forms in Bertie's file, so I never had to remember to bring them in, but no more!). I pay about $350/year for pretty high-end coverage including cancer car. Bertie is now almost 5, and I would say 2 out of the 3 years, it has paid for itself and then some. I do get money back for "wellness" care, like an annual check up and doses of heartworm/anit-tick stuff (every 6 months) -- but the real payoff has been when he's gotten sick. He has twice had severe enough GI distress that he had to be hospitalized, x-rayed for blockage, put on IVs and tended by them for 2 nights, and the bill was huge! I got about 75% back from VPI. One time they balked saying they didn't have enough info, but I wrote a letter laying out the sequence of events, and got a check two weeks later. I say it's been totally worth it.
My cat got her second UTI of the year, the first one required an emergency vet visit due to the possibility of a more life threatening condition, and then we found out our adopted pup wasn't properly dewormed, and they showed up in her stool, so we had to de-worm both dogs.
I've easily spent close to $800 in vet bills since last summer.
I will be getting pet insurance.
Thanks so much for posting this question and for all of you that have replied. I got my Maggie back in November. She had her first set of shots. After all the vet visits for puppy shots and being spayed I layed out $1200. I was absolutely shocked because the last time I owned a dog the price to go to a vet to get care was nothing. I have been debating recently on whether or not to get pet insurance because one plan I recently looked at would have covered all but 25% of what I just recently laid out on shots and spaying but couldn't make the decision because I didn't know if it would actually be worth it. Now after reading all of this, I know now what I should do. Thanks again!
Found a great website the provides reviews of most of the pet insurance companies out there: Pet Insurance Reviews

I was going to go with VPI until I saw all the bad reviews,.. so I"m not sure which one we'll pick.

I don't have one, the ones I have looked at require a certain amount of checkups a year (out of your pocket), up to date vaccines (on a vets terms with no consideration to immunity levels to check whether they would benefit from this, not be harmed...) and so on. So I have avoided it, for now.
I also have VPI on both Zoe and Ziggy. There is a $50 deductible per incident except wellness if you buy that program.I would definately agree that is an expensive,but wise investment. This company takes a LONG time to process their claims and I have been a bit unhappy with their customer service regarding the status of my claims on occation. You can now look all information up on line.
Zoe may need ACL surgery down the line (we're trying to control it with meds and some restricted excercise), but it would be covered.Remember that just like human health insurance, there are limitations and exclusions. So be sure that you investigate those, also. And as your pet ages, those rates are going to increase.
Our previous dog,a doberman, got an intestinal blockage and after a $1800 bill, 5 nights in intensive care and various problems after the surgery, I wouldn't go without it as long as we can afford the premiums.


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