First time corgi owner... Any usefull tips for training a puppy?

Okay, so I don't actrually own a corgi yet but I am considering a little boy who's only eight weeks old. We have had some failed attemps to train dogs of other breeds (labs, german shepards) and I was wondering what training tecchniques were a success for corgi owners since corgis are known to be very smart and inteligent while also stubborn at times. Any tips for success would be appreciated!

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patience and yummy treats! haha ok yea its not that simple, but puppy class sure does help for the basics, and there are a lot of books and videos and reading material available everywhere if you want to teach him/her the "funner" ones. good luck! im still working on teaching Bailey some of the basics like stay, and hes 14 weeks old.
We are getting our pup May 10, and she will be about 15 weeks old. I ordered the "Dog Whisperer by Cesar Milan" videos and will be watching them for tips.
Dedication will be the first word I will use! Start looking now for a good training facility in your area. Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself. Do you have time to housetrain a pup? Do you have the means to offer a good energy outlet (safety area to play ball, frisbee, retrieve games) Are you able to provide an area in your home that can house a pup that has accidents? Chews? Are you able to socialize your pup with other dogs and people? Do you anticipate any life changing events in the near future? Have you found a breeder that is ethical and responsible? One that will help you select a pup that would be a good match? One that will be supportive as your puppy grows? Are you familiar with the routine veterinary care a dog needs such as vaccines, heartworm prevention, parasite control? Are you aware of the skyrocketing costs of veterinary care?
Can you also tell I am very involved in rescue and find that answering these questions may have been far better considered before getting a dog? Yep, many of the above are reasons we get dogs turned in to our program. Adding a dog to ones family is about a 14 yr. comittment and one that should be heavily considered. May I also suggest you learn as much about the breed as possible before making this decision. While corgis are smart, endearing and charming they are also stubborn, bossy, possessive and pushy. Hope this gives you some good information to consider.


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