I am currently looking to add a second corgi to my house and am finding it pretty much impossible to find a dog I can afford. I know corgis are expensive after buying my first one, but was hoping to rescue my second. The only rescue I can find in my area is a male. Has anybody had issues with 2 male corgis in the house? My breeder said absolutely don't do it because male corgis always fight. Franklin has always gotten along with every dog I have ever introduced him to and my parents and brother both have male dogs that he gets along with. Didn't know if it being a male corgi would mean he won't get along with it. I would obviously have them meet before making any decisions, but just wondering if I should take male corgis off the table all together.

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I  have 2 males- and they  do good together-- - just depends on their temperment--I was scared of the same thing when I got mine and I just added my 2nd male this last week-- he is my fluffy boy he was a emergency rescue and I got him for free..He is the most wonderful little guy -- my other boy was abused badly and he does good except when Chevy gets close to his bones- then we got to separate them ..Otherwise they play together and sleep together all the time.. Check out Craigs list you will find dogs there and I have seen lots of corgi's there and usually go alot cheaper.. Good luck with your search....
I've had boys, too, but I don't know what wolverines sound l like.

Awww what a pretty little girl! Now the hardest part is waiting, hehe!

I did the same thing with the sleeping arrangements when I got Luke, he slept in his crate and my older dog Henry slept on the bed until he was about 5 months old or so. It worked out very well. Now they take turns hogging my pillow, sighs.

Henry was never much of a cuddler but he actually became more snuggly after Luke came to the house. I think it's because he is fairly submissive to Luke and realized he might have to share me! haha  But really I think they're just so happy to have a play mate that they don't mind a little friendly competition. :o)

I'll admit we did not know what we were doing when we bought our first Pembroke male Corgi and three weeks later brought home his "brother" so he would have a companion.  Only after bringing home the second Pembroke male and experiencing the jealousy from the first did we then do research, which recommended not having two male Corgis.  Despite the initial buyer's remorse and wondering what the heck we had done, one year later we have no regrets.  Our Corgis play, run and walk together all the time and have even started laying next to one another regularly when they nap.  They are inseparable.  Our first Corgi occasionally still snaps at his brother, but it is less frequent.  No regrets today. They are a HUGE part of our family, they are inseparable, and we wouldn't trade either of them for any reason.

It depends on personality more than because they are males. If you have an aggressive dog then there will be trouble but if the dog gets along fine with others they should do just fine. One time I had a fight with my 2 rescues ganging up on Wynn but that was once and I don't know what set it off. 2 females would be harder. Here are a couple pics of Wynn with 2 other household males and then meeting Alun (now Norm who Deb G. on My Corgi has. I know he and Gretzky get along fine and I just took Wynn to meet him and see how he was with other males. Can you have them meet on neutral territory and see how they do? The 2nd pic is with 3 of my males and 3 of my females, all my males except Wynn are rescues.I have 4 males at my house and no problems.

Oops, just read your decision....Congrats she is a cutie. Franklin has "earned" his place in your bed:)

I actually did not end up with this female. It was a free puppy offered to me by my breeder because of Franklin's health issues. I just really did not want a puppy though, so with the breeders ok I gave it to my friend. But it is really weird that this post has come up again because yesterday I applied for a male corgi at a rescue I found. I still think my breeder is wrong in saying males don't get along. Franklin gets along with EVERYONE. I've had several people tell me their dogs hate other dogs, only to have them do great with Franklin. I think as long as the other dog isn't too dominant or aggressive Frank will do fine with anything.

Sounds like a 3 way win:) You get a rescue,you friend gets a pup and a dog gets rescued:) have you taken Franklin to meet him yet?

Aww, she is so cute!  Congratulations!  Is she a black tri like Franklin?

Personally, I'm very happy I brought home a female puppy instead of a male.  I used to have a friend's dog over at the house a lot (as a "test run" before getting a corgi, to see if I could handle two dogs) that was an intact male mutt.  He and Yuki always got along like best buddies, but there were also a lot of dominance displays, like marking and mounting, and I knew I didn't want to have to deal with that.  I'm sure a good breeder could have matched me up with a super-laid-back male to complement Yuki's submissive personality, but it just seemed easier to get a female.  ;)

Out of curiosity, have you picked out any names for her yet?  She really is such a cutie!

I really think the reason the breeder was so firm on that was she was giving me a free puppy and the male was already spoken for so I think she was trying to get me to think about females? Also her 2 males fight so I think that made her worry even more.

Oooh, I see.  Well hopefully things go well with the rescue that you've applied for!  :)  I keep looking at Ellie and wishing I could get another corgi, myself, but 3 dogs would be too much for me.  Hopefully that desire will wear off once I start getting more active with Yuki and Ellie's training (and hopefully therapy dog work if they are able to pass their tests down the road.)

The breeder I got my corgi from has a DM clear male available. His name is Starry. He is absolutely beautiful! He was born on 3/31/11. Not sure what she charges for an older dog, but I have had no problems what so ever with my male being with my sisters male! Actually, it is exactly the opposite! They love being around each other!!! If you would like to check into it here is the link to Starry. When I get another corgi I will definitely be getting one from her!

Just read your update.... Congratulations!!!!


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