21 month old Cadri is having prolonged diarrhea that has turned bloody. . . advice??

So Wash is now approaching his second year. He is in peak health – an excellent frisbee catcher at a sturdy 52.6 pounds. He's a big boy, but not overweight.

Anyway, for the past 4-5 days he has been struck with super diarrhea. (think rocket propulsion) He has always shown a wide variety of poo styles, but this one was beginning to worry me. Around the 3-4th day he started pooping out bright red blood, now it has calmed to mixed poop/blood every 2nd or 3rd poo.

I have done some research and found this could be caused by anything, particularly irritation from prolonged diarrhea irritating his GI tract. I have kept him hydrated and switched him to fat free cottage cheese for breakfast and dinner. I'll be cooking him some chicken and brown rice this evening for the next few days. He doesnt appear to be feeling anything less than super. He shows normal energy and playfulness levels, and doing a squish test on his abdomen does not seem to make him uncomfortable.

Am I doing things right so far? At what point in your eyes is a vet visit mandatory? I always recieved great info here in the past. I'd love to hear what the members of mycorgi have to say about this.

No one likes to see a friend pooping blood. I am  little freaked out. Thanks for the help.


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I let Noodles go 2 days if he has bloody stool and on the 3rd day is when I get a sample container from the vet, take a collection and then drop it off to them. Thankfully he has only had this twice, but both times I've taken a sample to his vet to get it checked out. Both times, it is like Noodles knows I take it in because the following day it is fine. I just rather play it safe than sorry. I hope he feels better soon, poor guy.

bright red blood indicates inflammation in his colon and is not as worrisome as dark red/black blood. Does he go to dog parks or have access to rivers/streams/ponds/etc? I would drop a fecal sample off at your vet because my guess is he has a parasite such as giardia or coccidia. Even if he doesn't have a parasite they can give you a medication that will coat his GI tract and help relieve inflammation. I say since its been 3-4 days and isn't getting better with a bland diet he should see a vet to get some meds, whether it just be GI coaters or metronidazole for bacterial or parasitic infections. Better safe than sorry!

Thanks guys for the prompt response. I am going to run home on lunch and take him out. If he is still pooping red, I'll bag a sample and take him in.

He does go to one of the largest dog parks in the country on a pretty regular basis. So parasites seem like a real possibility. I'll let you guys know how it turns out.

I would take a sample to the vet just to be safe, it shouldn't be too expensive just for the fecal.

Take him to the vet! Hopefully it is something simple.

Go with white rice not brown. You are looking for easy to digest. Brown rice hasn't been processed as much as white rice and still has some of the hard to digest covering on it. Use the white rice for digestive upsets.

If it is nothing serious and all checked out fine at the vet... what I give for loose stool is sweet potatoes or yams or pumpkin it seems to work right away. 

How is he today?  I'd definitely call the vet;  dehydration is always a concern.   A little blood isn't usually a big deal, but four days of diarrhea is.

How is he doing today? Did you end up taking in a sample to his vet?

Another thing I'd be worried about with diarrhea is dehydration. My pemmie got diarrhea two weekends ago and one of the first things my friend (who's studying to be a vet) told me to do was to check to see if the space between his gums and his lips is wet. If it's dry, or even tacky, it means you dog is dehydrated. My friend recommended mixing in a little bit of pedialyte with the water if the dog is dehydrated to help get him rehydrated.


Other than that, I would definitely take a poo sample to the vet to be checked out.

My 4 month old card, Alvar, was diagnosed with Giardiasis last week after having diarrhea with blood in it, and going all the time. He is now on medication but still has diarrhea. It's really difficult to diagnose, but it was detected in him really easily (apparently he was really positive for the parasite :/ ) If his diarrhea is greasy looking, light in color as well as blood, then I would go to the vet with a sample asap! Giardiasis is really common in dogs.

Alvar is just as active as normal, you would hardly notice he had anything wrong with him! We thing he picked it up whilst staying at my boyfriend's parents for Christmas, as the park where they walked him was covered in dog poo, it wasn't the best new years news we've had finding out he's unwell, plus it means his puppy training course have to be put off until he's better.

I hope Wash gets better soon!



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