When I got Sam he was a precious 20lbs, but upon today`s vet visit to pick up his heart worm meds I asked the tech working if she could weigh him because I`d suspected he`d gotten bigger. I was thinking 27-30lbs tops, because when I adopted him both the vet and the foster parents thought he wouldn`t get much bigger. But now he`s a whopping 34.6 pounds! And he`s not even fat, he`s all muscle, loose skin, and hair! He didn`t seem that big before, but now looking back at pictures I can see how much he`s grown. Does anyone else have a chunker on their hands? How big is your low-rider?

The first picture is Sam a couple of days after I got him, and the second is Sam with his new lovey(which has already been killed) two days ago. 

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Wow...he is cute!!

Thank you! c:

He is a really beautiful boy.  I have two corgis, my Princess is about 28-29 lbs.  But her brother, Blink, is a 31-32 lbs.  So I think Sam is the perfect size!

Aw, two? Lucky~ Your house must be the noisiest on the block. 

My glamour girl Twinkie is what we call "full figured."  Our vet doesn't think she is over-weight but we are keeping  a close eye on here.  

Same, but I`m so worried about it. Which is silly, I guess, because he isn`t over weight, but chubby corgis have so many back problems that I just don`t want to take the chance.

Do you know how old Sam is?   The reason I ask is because his face looks a little round for a full Corgi, and if he also gets bigger than expected it may turn out that you have a very cute mostly-Corgi! 

Jack is 33 pounds at a (very thin) agility weight;  agility dogs look too skinny to most people and we have gotten some comments that he looks thin.   His normal, non-agility weight would be about 36 pounds.   He's oversized (tall at the shoulder for breed standard-- about 13 inches) and has a massive chest.

Madison is 27 or 28 pounds.  She's top of the standard for a bitch.

Sam is about 8 months old, and he`s always been a bulky boy. 

Bandit also does agility - he's at 29.5, which is where the instructor likes him.  we always get compliments from the vet 'it's so nice to see a dog not overweight'.

Noodles was weighed 2 weeks ago when he went in for his teeth cleaning and he is 35 pounds. I get told quite often that he looks skinny because he stands so tall. His vet was pleased when he reached 38 pounds, so they told me to keep Noodles where he is at right now. This has been a long process to loose weight, but I know Noodles is much happier as well. I think Sam is just a doll!

Wow! I feel like my guy must have been the runt of the litter then! He's just a few days shy of 20 months but he only weighs 25 pounds. I've asked my vet about his weight but she said he's fine...

Pippa starts looking heavy around 25 lbs, but her brother clocked in at 45 before his last round of weight loss. He didn't look fat, just really thick!

I've been lucky with my two so far-they're both long and lean. When they go play with Pippa's brother, its like watching two french fries chasing a dinner roll ;)


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