I have not been on here much this year due to life, and I know that Sam has been having a rough year but I was wondering if there has been any more information on the 365 calendar for 2013? Just asking since Taz was one of the selected and the breeder has been asking me about when they would be available. Thanks!

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Thanks Natalie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Welcome!!!

Here is a link to the finalists- If your pup is on the calendar, you WANT one.


Where is everyone?????? I can't believe all the work people have done and things seem so slow:(

I know I don't get where everyone else is either.  :( 

The site itself has been a bit slow lately. 

This is in NO WAY a criticism of Sam and all his hard work!  I will be honest: I'm on the fence about ordering one. $25 is steep for a calendar and we may not get one this year.  I know that the funds go to a good cause.  On the flip side, I have not seen a single Corgi in rescue ever in my neck of the woods (one or two in New York pulled from puppy mills).   At least in the recent past, our regional Corgi rescue (breed club) was not in need of any money (they do so little rescuing! Corgis are not common around here).   So I'm looking at it as part of my charity budget and all charities are in such need all the time!   In the meantime, my own regional Corgi rescue is not in need, so I'd be taking away from one group who needs to mostly (in all honesty) contribute to rescues in another part of the country.  My local shelter, in the meantime, is always strapped and was in recent danger of closing.

Also, I don't have a paypal account and last time I tried to pay a charity using a credit card via a paypal service I was charged a cash advance fee from my credit card.  They waived it that time but I doubt they'll do it again, and the fee was steep.   They said charity donations count as cash, not credit card transactions.  I don't like using my checking account online. 

So even though I'd like to see my own cute Corgis on their calendar page, I'm sort of torn about the whole thing.  Wish there were other payment options.....

Everybody was so up for this 365 day calendar originally!!!

Why isn't everybody doing their part to make this a reality?

Sam has worked so hard on it for us!!!

Come on corgi people order your 2013 calendars!!!


Great! I think many more people would be ordering if it's clear––the lineup will be the same regardless if printed for the 2013 or 2014 calendar.

I'm placing my order now and hope many more members do the same. We all know how hard Sam worked on the 12-month calendar and then the 365-day calendar, to include many more photos.

I love the idea of a page-a-day calendar full of corgis.  I'm just confused about the cost/production aspects.  Does it really cost $15K up front to get the calendar printed?  Are there any other options?  In case it's relevant, I was interested a while back in making a page-a-day calendar with my own photos and had checked with a couple of online companies.  One of them, Printed Owl (printedowl.com), sent me an email the following details: 

 "The calendars are printed in color and stand on a black desktop calendar base. The calendars have entries for Monday through Friday plus a weekend entry for a total of 313 pages. The calendar may start on any date you select.

"The process to create a personal page-a-day calendar is as follows:  We provide you with a web page to enter/edit your calendar entries (you may optionally use a spreadsheet that we upload).  Your calendar pages may have text and/or images.  When complete with edit and entry, we assist you in creating your calendar title page including image, and your calendar page layout (fonts, size, etc.).  We then send you a PDF rendition of your calendar to review.  When accepted, we ship the finished calendar(s) to you.

"The cost is $59.99 for one calendar, $19.99 for each additional ordered calendar. Payment is accepted via PayPal or credit card when your calendar is ready to ship."

So this seems like an option that wouldn't require any up-front expenditure.  I'm assuing that, with a printer like Printed Owl, MyCorgi could order the calendars as needed to fulfill orders with no up-front cost. If the price were set at $25 + shipping, then I guess $5 per calendar would be available for charity?  Maybe that's not the pricing model that MyCorgi originally had in mind, though.  I'm wondering if the printer might quote an even better price (i.e., <$20) if the order were large enough?

 I'm one of those that wouldn't mind paying $25 for a calendar with $5 going to the Corgi cause, but my hesitation with the Kickstarter approach is that there's no assurance that my $25 will actually get me a calendar, at least not immediately (might have to wait until next year if the $15K isn't raised in time, right?).  Forgive me if I've misunderstood any part of the proposed (i.e., Kickstarter) process or missed previous discussions! I thought I'd at least mention another possible option in case it might be helpful.  I know Sam has put a lot of effort into the calendar, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will work out one way or the other! 


Hi Elizabeth,

To answer your questions: Yes, it does cost 15K up front to print professionally. The printed owl uses digital print, not press print, you can read the difference here.

For the first couple of years of MyCorgi.com calendars, I financed every project with my very own money for press print, thanks to our supportive members, we were able to make it all back and donate 100% of profit to various rescues. (read faq for details) The reason for using professional press print is unmatched quality and large fund raised margin, yes, you can use print on demand services, but the ROI is too low. A good size corgi picnic yields about 2K for rescues, but it takes a lot of man power and planning. On the other hand, MyCorgi.com can accomplish that by selling just the wall calendar. 

The 365 project is a huge under taking. 15K includes printing setup cost / plates / printing 600+ calendars / shipping all calendars from print factory to MyCorgi.com office (think about the weight) / postage to all members who ordered / custom mailing boxes for all 600+ calendars / printing address labels ...etc. Depending on # of calendars sold, it could yield the largest amount ever raised in corgi rescue history.

As I've mentioned in previous discussions, kick-starter does NOT allow non profit charity projects. 

Hope that answer your questions :)

Thanks, Sam...that is very informative, and makes perfect sense. 

Thank you for your suggestions and understanding, my company deals with printing press on a monthly basis, we publish books and other digital media primarily. If you find other viable options, please feel free to contact me. 


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