4 yr old red headed tri spayed female looking for new home in central MA

It is with a heavy heart the my husband and I have decided it would be in Molly's best interest to find her a new home.

Molly turned 4 years on on February 22. She is a redheaded Tri. She is registered with the AKC by the name Moldigaters Snickerdoodle. She is spayed and up to date on all her shots. She weighs around 30 pounds. 

We love Molly to death, but she has some issues and we have a 4 month old, so we are unable to give Molly the attention she deserves. We are looking to place Molly in a home with older children and no other pets because of her dog reactive issues. She loves attention, to cuddle, and to go for walks. She knows several commands and is fully housebroken.

We live in the Worcester MA area. 

If you would like to know more about Molly or know someone else who may be interested in adopting her, send me a private message and I will share with you my contact information. 
Thank you,



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If someone out of state is interested, would you be willing to work to help arrange transport?  He is very much looking for a corgi and is interested.

The Mayflower Corgi Club has a rescue and is in Massachusetts if needed. Here is the link. http://www.mayflowercorgiclub.org/getting_rescue.php

Good luck.

CorgiRescueENY.com is near Albany if we can help you with Mollie.
Most breeders require you to send dogs in need of rehoming back to them. Did you check with the breeder?

We did not check with the breeder.  She did not state this when we adopted Molly, and based on info we found out after getting Molly, we would not want to send her back to that environment.

May have found a rescue org to vouch for the person interested in Molly in VA.  I sincerely hope it works out!

That would be awesome.  I sent Ken a PM through Facebook so hopefully he will get in touch with me.  I also asked to join the corgi rescue site you gave me so I can comment on it as well.  I appreciate you help.

And why would they vouch for someone? Do they have a approved application on this person? Just because someone wants a dog on FB does not mean they are a good fit for this dog. What is the home like, are there other animals? Does Molley like other dogs, men, women, etc??? what do you know of this person? Are they screened? Are they hoarders or abusers in disquise? Be very careful where you place your loved corgi....choose a rescue organization to help...Mayflower, Little Legs or my group Corgi Rescue of ENY. We are experienced rescurers. Your loved corgi would be in good, safe hands

I agree...facebook is NOT a responsible way of rehoming a dog... and ask yourself why is it necessary to subject the dog to the stress of a very long car ride and relocating to a completely different part of the country on top of the stress of her losing her family? 


you are right about them vouching for him.  This is why, when I was chatting with rae, I asked about a rescue group around there.  I know nothing about Ken and would like someone reputable to check him out.  I have Molly's trainer here that is willing to help me screen people (she does a lot of rehabbing of dogs), but since he is far away, I would not feel good to just send Molly away to some environment.  

As my original post said, Molly has some dog reactive issues.  She is a resource guarder.  She used to love kids, but my nephews have a dog they can do whatever too, and thought they could do the same to Molly and now she is nervous around kids.

I like the idea of a rescue league, but I don't know how I feel about Molly having to go to a foster home for a while and then to a forever home.  I would like as little disruption for her as possible.  I guess knowing she would be in good care would be a better option though, then wondering if I made a good placement.

Many rescues won't take a dog who has bitten, no matter how mild the bite or how justified the dog may have been to do so, so I do think you are better going through private channels.

I am so sorry you have to give up your dog and I hope the new home works out.

I'm so sorry you are faced with this decision but grateful that you recognized the need before there were real bad issues.  My first corgi, Arnie, came from such a situation and they did not do anything before it reached the point where their child was a toddler.  Arnie came to us hating little kids with a passion.

I hope things work out and this person in VA is the right person for your beloved corgi.  I can vouch for the good work that Mayflower does...I found my Max thru them.


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