Hello everyone,

So I've recently brought home a pembroke welsh corgi whose turning 9weeks old this weekend. Now that he has lived with the family for about a week, he plays more aggressively, and by that, I mean he growls and barks at us when we play with him.

After we drop down his toy and pause playing with him for a few seconds, he'll start to bite onto his toy and growl and bark. Is he playing too aggressive or he just wants us to keep playing with him? Does growling indicate anything?

My family and I are first time owners of a puppy so we're looking forward to learn from experienced corgi owners. So thank you in advanced for any tips you guys can provide us! :)

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Is he barking and growling directly at the toy or at you? Some dogs just like to growl and bark at the toy when they're playing.


He's really cute by the way!

He's biting onto the toy and growing while staring at us who are sitting in front of him. He will then bark at us a few times. What we did was shout "NO" to him and he'd eventually be quiet again.

Thanks!, he's adorable when he's not growling :P

it could be a play growl.....some dogs do like to growl when playing...does it seem like hes trying to guard the toy from you, cause then that wouldn't be play growling.


Occasionally, he likes to bring his toys back to a specific spot and he'll lay there and bite/play with it by himself. It doesn't seem like he's trying to guard the toy so I guess it's just a play growl then. When I try to steal one of his toys after he gathers all his toys in one spot, he'll come chasing after it and bring it back to his pile in a playful way. He's really funny.. today was the first time I heard him growl while play/biting on to a toy so I was surprised and a little worried, but now it's all cleared up :D Thanks!
he may go through a phase when hes a little older with resource guarding, I believe you definitely will be able to tell the difference between that type of growl and a playful growl.  If he does go through that you will want to make sure he knows you are in charge, not him.  They will try to rule the place if you let them.  Would love to see some videos of him, if you are able to get any.   Corgis are so fun to watch, such characters.  :)

Do you have any tips on how to show him I'm in charge at home? My family and I are just saying "NO" really loudly at him and it's starting to not work. A bad behaviour he developed today was tearing up a potty training newspaper and a plastic/cloth table mat which is used to cover up the carpet area of where he sleeps. We weren't looking after him for 3 hours (because he went to sleep), and when I went to check up on him to see if he wants to go out to eliminate, I discovered the newspaper mess...I wonder if this is because he woke up and was lonely and just wanted attention by doing this.


I hope he only does resource guarding his own toys! not our belongings :P

training is the best way to go....and then more training......positive reinforcement is the way to go with training as well.  I would sign up for a training class too, it will help teach you as well as help train Bosco.  Remember, pups take a lot of patience. 


corgis need excercise and lots of it.  A tired pup is a good pup. :)  Of course pups are going to be mischevious too, they are curious. 

He is just a baby so will do things like that. Try to make sure that if you want to take something from him you "trade up" such as for a better toy or a treat. He is learning all about his surroundings right now and needs to know you are the bringer of good. Go a little easy on the No. Also, check out Nothing In Life Is Free. It will give you a better idea of how to be in charge. Growling and barking at this age is testing his surroundings and if he can't growl at his toys who can he growl at? Many corgis are talkers and are not being aggressive when they let out certain growls. I always think a positive obedience class is the best money you can spend on your pup. He is darling by the way!
Saying no is still attention. Neg or positive attention is attention. My boy growls and barks at balls all the time. Him and my Cattle dog growl when they play. If he bites you during play its best to drop the toy and ignore him. Some dogs are more talkers then other. But 9 week old puppy its pretty rare to be true aggression. Normally aggression behavior at that age is more due to health issues. Like we're in pain, just like us we get crabby if we're in pain.

I doubt it's anything more than a play growl at that age. If he does start to guard toys from you I would do the "trade up" method where you offer him something really awesome in exchange for the toy he currently has. And I would just ignore his barking.


As far as the newspaper shredding, that's just a puppy being bored. They get into everything. He's not trying to be naughty or get attention he just doesn't know any better. I would highly suggest a puppy class too.

You've already got great advice but I would like to add that also get down by her when she's eating and pretend to eat so she gets used to this as well. Helps keep the dog from being food aggressive. Good luck!


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