So when your boyfriend tells you not to let the dogs go into a certain front lawn... and you take this advice for a fair amount of time... and then have a lovely conversation with a neighbor and the pups take this moment to go into that certain patch of lawn.... it reminds you in a special way that you should have always listened to your boyfriend....

in the form of poison ivy!

I could tech. roll in a patch of poison ivy and not get one little itchy spot... but apparently if a dog claw.. say.. with said poison ivy juice on it - cut my arm.. apparently I can get it bad.

It took me two days and my boyfriend to look and laugh to confirm it was poison ivy because its been so many years since I've had it. (I thought I had some bug virus or something!)

So yes.. this is a reminder for old dog lovers and those new.. that while dogs aren't infected by poison ivy they can happily (unknowingly) transfer it to you....

now if you'll excuse me.. I'm going to go put some more anti-itch cream on my arm lol.

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Bummer! I have gotten it a few times on the bottom of my feet and it is awful.
Oh my gosh...we have it around here but I never have come in contact with it I guess! Good to know! Hope the itch goes away soon!
Thank you :) You should have seen the horror in my roomies face when I told her about this!

This is the look of evil, Eeeee viiiiiil

I'm so sorry Avyon, get well soon :)
Thanks for the pic Sam! I have also heard that the more you come in contact with it the worse your poison ivy can get...does anyone know this for a fact?
Not sure about poison ivy.. I know its true for stinging nettle.

My dad ran through a patch of it on the farm he grew up on by accident lol. Showed it to me when I was young by telling me to "touch that plant gently" hahaha.
I've seen poison ivy 4 ft. tall in SE Utah canyons, lovely bright yellow.
I see no reason to assume dogs are unaffected by it. Fur may offer some protection, but it could get on their faces, mouths, or scratched down to skin level.
Many plants are toxic, a few are spectacularly lethal. We got rid of the Helleboris. Al & Gwynn like to chew grass. The Pieris and the English yew are very toxic
i myelf prefer a long leash or chain thats for dogs so they have an option where to do their business. that way you can put the leash where ever there isnt trouble.
I'll always remember the Simpson's take on poison ivy, "Leaves of three let it be. Leaves of four eat some more."

Thanks for sharing your story! I hope you feel better!


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