i know this is perfectly normal, but i just wonder what do you guys do when your unneutered male dog gets an erection when you rub his belly or when he sees you? would you keep on rubbing him? thanks a lot. i don't know how to react. seriously. 




by the way my corgi is a half-year-old unneutered male puppy.

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Keep rubbing the belly :) He is just relaxed, a real erection looks like this with bulb.

I'm glad Baron is neutered.

Holy crow!!!
Not safe for work, But I should know better if I was clicking a link that said "erection look like this"

Keep up those belly rubs that all corgis love so well:)

thank you guys you're amazing! and that real erection is kinda scary.

I keep on rubbing my corgi too because he loves his belly rubs but was shocked to see what a real erection looks like. WOW!!!  Was that for real?  Looks like doggie porn!! Oliver gets neutered on December 9th so I'm guessing I won't have to see that. 

hahahah im afraid to look....heres goes nothing ~~~NO WAY!! i had no idea!!

Are you sure? is this a joke.. OH mY Word

Don't expect it to stop if you neuter him. Reagan still has poke-outs when I'm giving him belly rubs and occasionally has times when it's drooping out and he's humping the air pathetically while looking at me like I'm supposed to fix it. He's been fixed since he was 3 months old.

He thinks me spritzing him with cold water is not a valid solution. :(

Sarah, thanks for your information.  I had to laugh at your comment about him looking at you as if you were supposed to fix it.  Not happy that I may have that freakish erection to look forward to, but somehow realized that neutering wouldn't halt his little sex drive; guess I was in denial.  LOL.

Anyone have a spayed female that humps? Snickers went through a spell when she would rub herself on the carpet with that far off look in her eyes.

Oh, the sexuality of animals. One of those things you can only talk about with other dog owners and not get freakish looks.

Kind of like you can only talk about poop emergencies where diarhea ends up on the ceiling with other dog owners. Anyone else and they stare at you like you've chosen some insane deviant lifestyle. I love my dogs so much. Even the poop. And the odd humping behavior... Stop that.

Ever had a dog fall in love with one of the stuffed animals(like.. romantically?)? Worse, ever have another dog in the house destroy that stuffed animal? Calamity. And the number 1 reason for midnight visits to walmart for dog toys.


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