petition to require xylitol labeling

Xylitol has its uses -- my dentist recommends xylitol losenges for oral hygeine -- but few people are aware that it can be lethal to dogs at low doses.  I keep mine at work and do not allow it in the house.

I believe it binds tightly to canines' glucose-sensing receptors, sending them into insulin shock.  Makes them "think" their blood sugar is way too high.

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I agree. I am deathly afraid of xylitol. Someone in my housing complex keeps spitting gum on the ground and I worry, aside from all the other gross reasons that Sully might scarf up a glob before I notice. I also worry about cigarette butts which people drop as if there were a clean up fairy just waiting to pick it up. Having a calm dog I am still surprised by how many things she will pick and chew to investigate. I feel the same way about pets and anti-freeze. Many do not realize that it is actually attractive to pets because of its sweet taste and they are not careful about spills because they are not aware that it actually attracts animals and kills them quickly.

OMG. It's extremely dangerous. It's in toothpaste. Do you keep your toothpaste at work?

I learned about this during my German shepherd phase.Some Gersheps are tall enough to lift a tube of toothpaste off the bathroom counter, if it's carelessly left close enough to the edge (how many of us ALWAYS put the toothpaste away when we're trying to race out the door to get to work???). Dogs have died from chewing up a tube of toothpaste.

It's in artificial sweeteners. People think it;'s cute to let their dogs drink their (fill in the blank: beer, whiskey & water, sugar-free Coke). Guess which of the above will kill your dog?

It's in any kind of sugar-free candy or gum. It's in a variety of cough medicines and other OTC nostrums.

And y'know what? If it's bad for your dog, it can't be great for you...

John, are you suggesting ways to get a petition started. I'm Ina, but not sure how we should proceed. Sounds like a good way to save some doggie lives.

Signed and shared!

Signed and shared also!

I can't get the petition to open.  Anybody else having issues?



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