Waffle does a few weird things that I can't seem to figure out.  Can you guys try to tell me why he does them, and if it's just him?  Thanks.

1)  Drinking.  All things drink.  Waffle drinks like he hasn't drunk before--all the time.  If his water bowl is full, he will empty it.  He will drink more than his tummy is physically capable of holding, and then he will cough it up within a minute of finishing.  He does not vomit any other time. -_-" Hurrdurr.  I've been able to head this off by filling it up only a little each time instead of to the top.  But, what gives?

2) "Burying" stuff.  When he gets something he really really likes, like pig ears, he walks around and wants to hide it somewhere.  That's normal.  But, he ALWAYS decides to put it under my butt, or if I'm in bed, in the crook of my neck.  Or on my face.  And then he gets REALLY upset if you move it, then tries to put it back. 

3) I had a third thing, but I don't remember what it is.  Hmm.

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1. It depends on his activity level and climate. If he does drink excessively, check with your vet and get some blood work done.

2. He trust you with his PRECIS....OUSSSSSS :)

3. Dehydration can alter your memory recalling skills.... get a drink!
love your #3 answer!! : )
Sam and Rachael, you both are cracking me up!

No help on the drinking thing, Sid's a pretty normal imbiber. When he wants to hide a treat, he usually just buries it in the sofa or a dog bed. I guess he doesn't trust me with his treasures *cries*.

I was going to say that apparently the third thing is that Waffle runs off with and hides your memory (presumably NOT under your butt), but Sam's guess sounds pretty good too ;)
1. EVERY time Frosty gets a drink, he then yacks some of it on the floor. Like a cat with a hairball, but with Frosty, it is water. Don't know why. Sometimes he drinks a lot, and sometimes a normal amount, but as soon as he walks away from the water bowl, he then hacks a little water puddle on the floor. Thankfully, he normally cleans it up afterward!

2. Frosty always tries to hide his treats in the grass. Like, on top of the grass, right out in the open. He will place it in the grass, then walk two feet away and use his head to try to bend the 2 inch grass over the top of whatever. You have to then act like you can't see it, because if you tell him you can see it, he gets all upset and has to spend another half an hour trying to find a new patch of grass to hide it on.
1. Does he drink it fast? I know that some dogs who drink or eat too quickly will vomit part or all of it up almost immediately after. You might try one of the water bowls that has a ball or whatnot in it to slow his drinking down. It may help. I agree with Sam too about getting his labs run, as excessive water intake may be due to an imbalance of some kind.

2. No experience in this sorry.

3. My memory was gone today too, I couldn't remember the name of like 3 places I have been going to all my life... Craters of the Moon, and like 2 others that I can't think of again... GRRRR. I will take Sam's advice and drink some more water.

Hugs from me and Kota
Funny. i don't have the water problem but mine like to hide their toys mainly in the couch under the throws or between pillows or cushions. Maybe under a pillow in bed but never has one tried to hide it on me...he must think you are a safe place for his treasures!
Your Waffle is too funny...haha. Hiding stuff in the crook of your neck. What a hoot. I guess when Hayden insist that I rub him without a minute break may be like that. Thenif I decide not to do it, he walks away and sulks, really sulk. Can we say ownership!..they own us ok.:) Hayden will drink a lot too, but not that much I think.
We don't have issues with water but with her toys yes...problem is that she throws them behind the couch or down the basement stairs so the only one who can retrieve them is ME...guess she has her human trained pretty well!

As for #3...wait...what was #3 again?!
We don't drink the whole entire bowl, but we do drink fast! Slurp, slurp, slurp...you can hear them throughout the house. Agree with Sam, you may need to have the vet check his labs. We sure do hide things though! When we had Odie and Lucky and the 3 cats, each had his or her own hiding place, and i never knew where I would find what - at Christmas time they all took ornaments off the tree and pieces from the creches and hid them (Odie always had the Baby Jesus, nothing like going right to the top!) But not one of them trusted me enough to hide anything under my butt or in the crook of my neck, I am crushed! HAHAHA. However, my mind has been missing for more than just today, ask my family
The constand drinking, I would have the vet check him out. He could have something wrong. When my corgi was doing that, it turned out that he had Gardia (sp?). But, then again, your dog may have a big thirst. Better to be safe, though.

I would definitely take your Corgi into the vet. We had a Corgi that drank incessantly and she was diagnosed with Cushing's disease which can be treatable depending on the type of Cushing's. Blood and urine tests will determine it.
Iz doesn't have the water problem, but we definitely have to watch the burying. She likes to put things, especially pig ears, in between couch cushions, under my pillow in our bed, and under the couch (which she then spends 30 mins on her back whining because her little T-Rex arms can't get it out). The worst part for me is when she whines until she finds an appropriate place to hide it. And Lord help you if you move it. She gets very upset and barks like you've just destroyed all her hard work.


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